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Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth – How To Train Tactical Troops

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With the addition of Laketown, it’s now possible to directly train Tactical Troops in Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth. Well even with a brand new Laketown waiting for you to fill it up with shiny buildings and resources, the question could still remain: how to train Tactical Troops? Good thing is just like my guide on how to train tier 4 troops, this guide will give you all the details you need to train tactical troops. First thing to know is that tactical troops can ONLY be trained in Laketown due to the required buildings. So it doesn’t matter if your first city is the best in all the kingdoms because you’re starting all over again in Laketown. There are 7 types of tactical troops and their stats are listed below:

Name Attack Life Speed Load Upkeep Might
Pack Mammoths 1 6 700 55000 60 10
Lyncean Raiders 5 5 3600 0 0 100
Pikemen 2 1 400 50 4 6
Stone Giants 1 8 800 3000 0 100
Master Rangers 6 4 1400 35 6 10
Longbowmen 5 2 900 20 30 100
Woodmen 8 3 1400 10 0 100

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, since the stats vary so greatly, you can actually use them strategically and change the course of any battle if used correctly.


Now, the principle is still the same as training advanced troops but the actual buildings and resources vary slightly so you’ll still need hobbit building crews. But you’ll also need some Lake-town Architects for specific buildings as well. Now, I’ll assume that you have your Research topics maxed out so I won’t get into those specifics here. If you want to see the requirements in-game just go to any of your barracks in Lake-town, click Train Troops and then select the Tactical tab.  So I’ll just cover the buildings and the necessary Hobbit Building Crews and Architects for each troop type because you don’t need Hobbit Crews for all the tactical troops. Yes, it’s another table and the number for the buildings represent the level they have to be, and if there’s nothing then it’s not required:

Name Oystering Boat Lake-town Tower Stables Armory Barracks Hobbit Crew Architect
Pack Mammoths 1 1 1
Lyncean Raiders 2 2 6 6 1
Pikemen 6 6 *1 5 1
Stone Giants 5 5 7 1
Master Rangers 3 3 8 1
Longbowmen 7 7 *2 5 3
Woodmen 4 4 9 1

So you’ll need a total of 5 Hobbit Building Crews and 3 Lake-town Architects to be able to train ALL the tactical troops. And again, this is in addition to everything that is needed to train tier 4 troops and all the necessary research topics. If you haven’t checked out my guide for training tier 4 troops I suggest you do so. And as always, if you have any questions leave a comment below or shoot me an email.

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