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Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle Earth: Hobbit Building Crew


If you’ve been playing the Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth then you’re aware of the many additions to the game. One thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of one of the items in the game that can transform your kingdom from a fledging upstart to a force to be reckoned with. And that item is the Hobbit Building Crew. The highest level you can increase your buildings and research to is level 9. In order to raise it to level 10 you need a Hobbit Building Crew, and you can’t start runecrafting a building until you raise it to level 10. The issue is there’s no direct way to get a Hobbit Building Crew unless you buy it directly from the shop. It’s usually 100 mithril ($9.99) so unless you plan on spending a lot of money to raise your buildings one level, since it’s consumed after one use, you’ll have to acquire them in different ways. And I’ve acquired them in 3 different ways without having to purchase them, and even though patience is required in some cases, your pockets will thank you.

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  1. Log in everyday – There are accumulative log in rewards and there’s a calendar icon on the right side of the screen you can manually select to see your monthly progress. You’ll be rewarded with a chest that you click on to receive after a certain number of days and they’re filled with really good items. I even received a hobbit building crew in just the third chest alone so you don’t want to miss the 5 free chests every month
  2. Galadrial’s Gift Premium Chance – Every day you’re given a token to win different items through Galadrial’s Gift by selecting a random chest. However there’s also a premium option, which requires 6 tokens so you can accumulate these tokens to open a premium chest, which can contain Hobbit Building Crews
  3. Events and Contests – There are many events and contests that occur regularly and you’re notified every single time you log in. Occasionally the rewards are hobbit building crews, chests that contain them, or exchange items you acquire from playing for special chests.

You should receive at the very least one hobbit building crew a month but can receive numerous crews depending on your success rate. I also recommend this way because upgrading a building to level 10 doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll receive the benefits immediately. And that’s because at times the requirement is another building has to be at least level 10 and you won’t know this until you level up one of them. So it’s important to use the hobbit building crews wisely and know what you’re trying to accomplish.

UPDATE: There is another unit, Master Builders, which are used to instantly raise your lowest level barracks in a city to level 10, so they shouldn’t be confused with Hobbit Building Crews. If you’re able to acquire a Master Builder use that on your barracks instead of a hobbit building crew, which can be used with any building.


  1. Paul Mackie - February 13, 2014 3:31 PM

    You can also attack Smaug in the campagns and win a Erebor Treasure Chest. It seems to have a pretty good payout ratio for HBCS. I won 10 this week alone. It does cost you lots of might though, as Smaug is 700k might.
    I send 30k T2, 30k T3, 30K T4, 10K T5 with a 220 hero. I lose the 30 K t2.
    OldGreyBush – Lindor29
    Might is temporary, TKs are forever!

    • Kareem Ali - February 13, 2014 9:36 PM

      Great point! If the payout consists of HBCS then it’s well worth the might and troops

      • Grant Wilson - February 25, 2014 6:08 PM

        Hi Kareem, I was wondering if your first step to get a Hobbit Building Crew 1 for login everyday where you can see your progress on the Calendar? As I am unable to locate the Calendar on the Ipad2. I do however every day get a try on chance by receiving one Galadriel Token.

        • Kareem Ali - February 26, 2014 12:02 AM

          Hmm, I play on my iPhone because it’s easier for me so I no longer have it on my iPad. However there should still be the calender that shows when you’re on the city or field screen. If you look at the attached screenshot you can see “Feb 11” on the right side and if you touch that it’ll bring up the calendar and all the chests you can open. Thanks for visiting!


          • J Rodgers - June 25, 2014 4:37 PM


        • Anonymous - September 10, 2014 11:21 AM

          At the bottom where the chests are ; touch the chest with your finger and it will tell you the prize you won

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