Welcome to my site. This is my humble offering to the world of gaming (as well as anime and movies.) This was born out of a desire to share my lifelong love for those things and a recurring question I know other gamers in particular get asked: What did you think about (insert name of latest game)? And since these are topics I enjoy discussing and Twitter and Facebook are limited to how in-depth one can discuss these topics I decided to embark on a journey writing about them on my own website. I’m not a professional videogame journalist so what I review is based on my hobbies, what I own and what I enjoy with my free time. And there are so many quality games to choose from and enjoy in various genres with no end in sight especially with the release of new consoles and devices pushing the technological limits and adding to the number of gaming platforms. So how does one find the time to enjoy all these games or even know where to start? I hope this site can help with that.
If you’re like me you try to find time for gaming when you can. However I know the gaming community is very diverse and it’s that diversity that I want to capitilize on because there’s one common theme all gamers share: the desire for good games. And all good games aren’t limited to big franchises or big studios and even still with the quantity of new games that can be out at any given time it’s still very possible to miss quality games. I discovered one of my favorite series of all-time, Mass Effect, while waiting in a mall and saw it in the greatest hits section and after buying it and starting it, it never left my console until I finished it. I loved it yet even I missed it when it was first released due to time. So for every Call of Duty there’s a Resonance, an indie game, which introduced new gaming elements but lacked a huge marketing campaign to get the word out.
What I hope to accomplish with this site is more than just posting reviews but to help serve as that “word of mouth” that can be vital to being introduced to a new game so feedback is encouraged through comments and the interaction section of this site. The reviews on this site will be hard-hitting. And since this is just a hobby of mine there might be games you’ve enjoyed that you want to mention or bring to the attention of others and that’s welcomed on this site as well. Stay awhile and enjoy your visit.

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  1. Hilary - September 1, 2015 9:54 PM

    I love reading your corner of the Internet.


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