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Kareem Ali 4.5

Harbinger Wars 2 #1


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  • Harbinger Wars 2 #1 kicks off Valiant’s blockbuster crossover event. It picks up immediately following the events of Harbinger Wars 2 Prelude with Livewire plunging the nation into darkness. Tensions are running high but not just because of Livewire. Peter Stanchek has been activating Psiots anywhere he can. However, OMEN is tracking his movements through a parasite embedded in his mind. And they’re just waiting for the perfect moment to strike.


    Meanwhile, G.A.T.E. is assessing the damage Livewire’s actions caused to the nation’s infrastructure. Aric, aka X-O Manowar, recently returned to Earth and isn’t so eager to be caught up in another conflict. Colonel Capshaw explains the situation to Aric including the impact on the Visigoths. If the nation is destabilized then the protection being afforded to the Visigoths could end. Has Livewire gone too far or is she justly protecting her people?

    Harbinger Wars 2 #1

    I was able to pick my jaw up off the floor after reading Harbinger Wars 2 Prelude long enough to read this issue. Even though the start of this issue was laying the groundwork for things to come it was still gripping. Livewire’s drastic actions prompted a coordinated response. G.A.T.E. recruiting Aric made perfect sense. But this issue left enough wriggle room for Aric to play a more dynamic role than just the good soldier. And of course, Ninjak’s relationship with Livewire as well as his role with MI-6 was complicated enough. So I appreciated the way the events to come were being set up.


    However, this issue was surprisingly lacking in addressing the wider implications of Livewire’s actions. The fact that every satellite was knocked out of orbit affected more than just the governments. Yes, it’s good this issue didn’t digress from the main story. But the events would’ve felt more intense if a clearer picture was painted of what was at stake not just for the characters involved but the entire world. I think it would’ve made the crux of this series even more tantalizing. Livewire’s statement that she did the wrong thing for the right reasons would be even more debatable.

    Harbinger Wars 2 #1
    Thankfully, this issue didn’t hold back in terms of showing how the forces on all sides were being mobilized. It wasn’t just Livewire’s team versus G.A.T.E. There were various sides with vested interests in the outcome of this war. And children’s lives were at stake. So even though there weren’t any fights this issue, the way events unfolded almost guarantees plenty of action next issue.




    Harbinger Wars 2 #1 is a great start to the event with the way the situation is laid out. Livewire’s actions are monumental so it’s good this issue took time to address the consequences of them. It doesn’t address the consequences affecting the entire world or at least the general population.  However, I’m looking forward to next issue and seeing how things unfold now that the various sides are defined.


    Release Date: 5/30/18
    Writer: Matt Kindt
    Artist: Tomas Giorello
  • Rating ( 8.5 )
  • Total score 8.5

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