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Guide to Hitman: Sniper Chapter 1: Missions 6-10

Guide to Hitman: Sniper Chapter 2: Missions 6-10


Hitman: Sniper Chapter 2: Missions 6-10 aren’t incredibly difficult to complete but they can force you to strategize more and practice a little bit of patience.  There are more missions in this section than previous ones that require you to achieve multiple kills before gunning for your target. You might even have to hobble your target ahead of time in order to slow him or her down while you take out others. However that will destroy your stealth chain so with this guide I’ll show you how to accomplish each of these missions without destroying your stealth chain. If you didn’t see my basic tips in the guide for Chapter 1 here they are again:

  • Zoom in and keep reticle on person for 2 seconds to identify. Keep track of security guards in vicinity this way
  • Use environment kills as often as possible to remain undetected.
  • Remove bodies from view – Can use additional bullets to shoot dead bodies and move them into pool or through broken glass pane
  • Distract guards through the use of environmental hazards such as power supply, glass, etc
  • Be patient. That doesn’t mean take forever, it means don’t rush your shots and give yourself away
  • If detected, immediately take out the guard attempting to radio it in

Guide to Hitman: Sniper Chapter 2: Missions 1-5

Check out the individual missions below and how to defeat them.

Mission 6:
Mission 7:
Mission 8:
Mission 9:
Mission 10:

Chapter 2, Mission 6:

  • Get 5 Moving Kills
  • Kill Dr. Ralph Ashbury

The first requirement is to get 5 moving kills but it doesn’t explicitly state that those kills have to be direct kills. So yep, that means you can use environment kills to accomplish this mission. First is the reliable environment kill with Markus Krug and his bodyguard. However shoot the fire torch while they’re still walking towards it to make sure it explodes before they stop. Next you can rake up 2 more kills with the guards who walk near the rogue agent. If you don’t catch them before they reach the top of the stairs then wait patiently for them to start walking away again. You don’t want to kill one while he’s examining a body (unless you have to stop him from contacting others). The 5th kill can be the guard near the pool. Just shoot the fire torch while he’s walking and there’s another environment kill. Finish off by taking out Dr. Ashbury.

Guide to Hitman: Sniper Chapter 2: Missions 6-10

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Chapter 2, Mission 7:

  • Get a score of 450,000
  • including a quick kill (x3) chain

This one isn’t difficult to accomplish but it can be tricky if you don’t know who could be counted as part of a quick kill (x3). For example, it might be tempting to take out the two guards near the rogue agent but he won’t be counted as a quick kill. One easy way to accomplish this mission is by starting with…yep you guessed it, Markus Krug and his bodyguard. But this  time wait for them to stop on the first bridge and then shoot the light torch. Once you do immediately scroll to the right to the people playing at the pool table. Take the shot and by the time the explosion occurs your shot will be taking a person out next to the pool table. Mission accomplished so no worries about being discovered.

Guide to Hitman: Sniper Chapter 2: Missions 6-10

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Chapter 2, Mission 8:

  • Get 5 Target Kills
  • Kill Kim Euston

You actually have to get 4 target kills plus Kim Euston. And this one is about picking your targets carefully by having patience and observing who’s around. Start with Markus Krug and Basia Romanowski. Make sure you mark them both. Take Krug out first when he starts to leave with his bodyguard (environment kill) so you can isolate Romanowski in one of their meeting spots. You can safely take her out there because no one will come check on her. Next scroll to the laptop above the pool table (wait for light to come on) and take out the next target, Vincent Krug, as he’s looking at the laptop. The last 2 target kills are easy even though there are other options. Wait for Kim Euston to walk next to the pool and the man she’s talking to is another target kill. Take both of them out (even better if you have explosive shot). Mission completed.

Guide to Hitman: Sniper Chapter 2: Missions 6-10

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Chapter 2, Mission 9:

  • Get a score of 330,000
  • without reloading
  • Kill Vincent Krug

This mission is very easy at this point in the game and you can get over 330,00 with just 2 shots. You can find creative ways to achieve those points but if you want an easy way then just use an environmental kill to take out Markus Krug and his bodyguard for 253,000 points. Then take out Basia Romanowski with one shot to get a total of 341,000 points. And like that it’s done. Just kill Vincent Krug when you’re ready to end the mission.

Guide to Hitman: Sniper Chapter 2: Missions 6-10

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Chapter 2, Mission 10:

  • Kill Markus Krug
  • and 8 guards

Since you know there’s one guard that walks with Markus Krug everywhere then you know that you have to kill only 7 additional guards and then take out the last one right before you kill Markus Krug. Take out 2 guards at once by setting off the car alarm and then waiting for the guard a few floors above to lean on the glass. Shoot the glass and the first 2 are down. Next you can take out the 2 guards next to the rogue agent. Make sure to take him out too. Use environment kills to take out the guard on the top floor by shooting the fire torch. And last take out the 2 guards next to the pool on the right. Now you can take out Markus Krug and the guard with him.

Guide to Hitman: Sniper Chapter 2: Missions 6-10

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