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Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North Campaign


The Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North Campaign mode is now available and with some additional features that enhance the experience and adds a new level of gameplay. New heroes have been added specifically for the campaign so you’ll have to unlock them separately from the current heroes you have. In the top corner of your city view there’s a new building with a glowing statue and it’s the Keep of your city, which shouldn’t be mistaken for your Castle. Here you can view all of the heroes you’ve acquired in the campaign mode as well as assign them to specific roles to provide buffs to your city. There’s a very interesting take on these heroes too since they’re not just names because when you click on them there are 3 tabs: Skill, which shows their potential buffs, Fate, which gives a brief story and the requirements for an additional buff, and Legend, which gives a brief profile of the hero. So the intention is to create a more engrossing experience and not just random gameplay elements so, for example, Sir Dinadan’s Fate is to avenge his murdered father, and if you have his brother, Sir Breunor, who is another hero, your attack increases by 30 if they’re both assigned in the same city. You level up these heroes by using the rewards you acquire from Merlin’s crystal ball and this increases their attack, life, and wisdom stats.
You also have the ability to explore with these heroes and that’s how you acquire new items. You’re shown Merlin’s crystal ball and the faster you swipe on it in 3 secs the better the rewards you can choose. It’s pretty much a game of chance after that and yes, there’s a cool down timer before you can explore again, and 2 times total per day.
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To access the Campaign mode you have to select it from the toolbar at the bottom  (or swipe to see it) and you’re brought to a map showing different chapters you have to eventually unlock. Each chapter has different maps you have to unlock based on the number of stars you acquire while fighting, and you can unlock the locations in those maps until you complete all the locations in the previous map. For example, the first chapter requires you to earn 10 stars in the first map in order to reveal the number of locations in the second map, which are still locked until you fully complete that map. There’s a brief story for each location before you fight the enemy and they’re not difficult in comparison to the regular pictish camps. However fighting requires stamina so you’ll have to wait for some time after using all your stamina, which is about 15 fights, unless you have a stamina refill. Once you collect enough stars in that chapter, which requires 3 stars in each battle, you can move on to the next chapter. occasionally you’ll be given the opportunity to have one of your campaign heroes join a battle, and of course, this will only benefit you.

I’ve been enjoying the campaign mode since it gives a lot more to do in-game and the rewards are really good. However the hidden bosses give even better rewards even though they require more stamina, and they’re unlocked by acquiring a certain number of total stars in campaign mode. I’ll have a future breakdown of each location and how to achieve the best scores but for now these are just the basics and the best upgrade to Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North to date.

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  1. carpetcleaning590 - November 27, 2018 4:14 PM

    Everything in the game has a low reward and a high reward. Don’t waste your money trying to get the best rewards. The payout sucks worse than a bad Las Vegas slot machine. (If I was told this before I started playing I would have avoided this game.) And for the most part you will almost always get the lowest rewards. Many times, roughly between 60% and 80% of the time, the campaigns pay absolutely nothing. For a person who has spent roughly $2000 dollars trying to build my cities into a real fighting force this game is a severe disappointment!


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