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Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth 4th City Guide


Since the other city guides have been helpful and with a couple of unique aspects in it, it’s time for my Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth 4th City Guide. If you’re working on acquiring your 4th city you should some experience with city building or at the very least know how to go about acquiring a 4th city deed in order to start your city. If you don’t because you somehow won or brought the 4th city deed then no worries because it’s not complicated. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 100 Fourth City Relics – acquired from attacking Goblin camps lvl 6-10
  • Occupy a Plain on the world map

So you’ll need a lot of troops to grind out those victories but if your Sage’s Tower is at its max level 10 then you’ll get frequent 4th city relic drops and you can get them relatively fast. Once you meet the requirements above you just go to the world map, select your hero occupying the Plain and you’ll see a new icon in the top right corner with a green plus sign. Select it and you have your 4th city.

 photo (60)

And you may wonder what makes the 4th city so special and to that I say ask not what your 4th city can do for you, ask what you can do for your 4th city. Ok, that’s a bit much but the principle remains the same because once you build your 4th city up it’ll give you a tremendous advantage in the overall production of your kingdom in both resources and troops. The buildings you start off with are a Keep, Academy, the Great Hall and one of each of the four resource buildings in your field. If you’ve read any of my other city guides then you know I’ve recommended moving all your troops into your new city because it immediately relieves the burden of maintenance from your best cities allowing you to utilize their productivity better. Of course this would give your new city a negative in terms of food production vs upkeep but you can get around that by using those troops to attack Goblin camps to acquire immediate resources in just 1 minute and use those resources to build whatever you need before the food runs out. This was better than transporting resources from your other cities, which could not only take longer to arrive but would take away valuable resources from those cities. And if you were only on your 2nd or 3rd city it would have the added benefit of giving you city relics to prepare you for the next city. However if your situation is like mine, by the time you acquire your 4th city your previous cities are very capable of maintaining themselves and you might need all the troops you have for the campaigns or an event so there’s no added benefit in reassigning the troops to your 4th city. But there’s still a way for your 4th city to immediately contribute to your kingdom and that’s by unlocking two unique heroes, Beorn and Tauriel. As soon as you acquire a 4th city they will appear in your Great Hall but you can’t use them unless you have a Beorn’s Call or Tauriel’s Verse to unlock them, respectively. Yes you can purchase them in a chest and you can also win one through Galadriel’s Gift, and if you’re in need of more Mithril and don’t want to purchase it you can also earn free Mithril within the game by completing surveys, etc. Until you do they won’t be available for use but take a look at their starting level:


So if you are lucky enough to unlock them they might be your highest level heroes and you might want to consider transporting your troops there before entering into battle so you can use one of these two heroes. It was stated that they’ll also be able to build wilderness outposts but I’m not sure how that’s different from occupying wildernesses now as this function currently isn’t available to me. You can also build your 4th city up faster if you don’t have the option of using troops to acquire resources if you’ve been saving all the resources you’ve either won or receive from the Moon Rune. Yes, that 1,000 food item now comes in handy. So I recommend saving all the resources you win or acquire so you can use them immediately in your 4th city, and if you have a stockpile of hourglasses you can use them to speed up your production. So it’s possible to raise a few of your buildings to level 9 within a day by doing this. The runes to increase production won’t necessarily help because your resource limit might still be low based on the level of your resource buildings and it’ll just be wasted. And if you’ve won troops you haven’t used yet you can also use them immediately in your 4th city if you want to still acquire resources by attacking Goblin camps, and this won’t take away from your first 3 cities.

As far as city planning is concerned I recommend my city resource guide and it allows you to determine how many houses and barracks you’ll need to maximize production as well as how many buildings of each resource you will need based on your kingdom. So here’s one example from that guide:

Balanced 4th City Example:

  • 10 Field plots for each resource (Farm, Lumber Mill, Mine, Quarry)
  • 14 Houses (4 for workers and 10 to train troops and taxes)
  • 10 Barracks (-19% Training Speed per lvl 9 Barracks)

So here’s what you get for that arrangement:

Population Production/hr Max # of Troops Training Speed Reduction
90000 5625 88%

Of course assigning heroes to positions or occupying wilds increases the production rate but this gives you a starting point instead of just randomly placing buildings. So if you want this city to produce more ore because you didn’t take into consideration how much you would need with your first cities you can just use more than 10 Field plots for ore and determine ahead of time how much you’ll produce per hour. Hope this helps and as always if you have any questions feel free to hit me up.

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