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Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth 3rd City Guide


One of the good things about having more than one city in the Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth besides being able to produce everything at double or triple the rate, is you have experience after creating your first city on how to make your 2nd and 3rd cities more efficient. I posted a 2nd city guide a few months back and it worked like a charm for me. So after some adjustments, and taking into consideration the updates to the game including campaign mode, I’m presenting my Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth 3rd City Guide. The premise behind my guide is simple and answers two important questions:  how to make your 3rd city contribute to your overall kingdom immediately and how to build it up as fast as possible. You may wonder how can an empty city contribute to your overall kingdom immediately and it can do so by relieving some of the burden on your first two cities. And doing so will then require you to build up your 3rd city in only one of two ways so you will essentially be killing two goblins with one stone. But before we get to that it’s important to first know how to acquire a 3rd city deed. You’ll need to collect 100 Third City Relics, which are acquired by attacking Goblin camps on the map between levels 6-10, and control over a plains square on the world map. The rate in which you acquire Third City Relics from Goblin camps are really good and my rate was about 7 out of 10 attacks.

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You can see your progress in the Sage’s Tower under the relics tab, and once you acquire 100 relics you can then claim a Third City Deed. The Third City Deed is automatically added to your items and to create your 3rd city you have to open up the world map, and when you click on the plains square that you control you’ll see a new button on the top right corner of the info tab and you select that to create your 3rd city.

Now, you’ll start off with 5K of all 5 resources, and as you should well know, you can’t do much with that to help your other cities. Your first city most likely produces more than that per minute. And since this city is empty you can only build low-level buildings any way and that takes time. And if we look at the numbers a level 3 farm can only produce 600 food per hour and it takes a little over a minute to build. So it’ll be a good while before this city can start contributing to your kingdom if you build it the conventional way. And yes you can transport resources to this city but that won’t reduce the time it takes for buildings to be upgraded and it can take a while for the materials to arrive depending on the locations of your cities. So the first step, which is the same as the 2nd city guide is to move all, or at the very least half, of your troops from your best city to your 3rd city. Unless you have the highest might in the game it’s not wise to use your troops to defend your cities because they can be wiped out in one battle so you won’t be leaving your city defenseless. This immediately relieves your best city of the upkeep for these troops, which allows you to build more troops immediately without hurting your productivity. Would you rather be able to produce the best units in your first city or a small number of the weakest troops in your third city? And with new tier 4 and tier 5 troops you’re gonna want to make room for them. I won some tier 5 troops and they’re much better and it’s not even close.

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Now your 3rd city will have negative food production due to all the new troops so you won’t be able to build anything without food in your city. You can however acquire over 200K food in a minute, which is the same amount of time it takes to upgrade to a level 3 farm producing 600 per HOUR, by attacking a goblin camp with the troops stationed in your third city.  And you’ll have at least an hour to upgrade as many buildings as you want, and depending on the number of troops you moved there you can have 3 or 4 hours before the negative productivity wipes out the remaining food. Once the food is completely depleted then attack again when you’re ready to upgrade more buildings. Since every attack reduces the number of troops you have, your upkeep will go down after every battle. But it’s important to wait until the food is completely depleted before attacking again because it’ll all be wiped out if too much time passes and you’ll just end up wasting troops. It’ll take some time before you eliminate the negative food upkeep in your 3rd city completely but at least it’ll be contributing to your overall kingdom and you’ll have enough resources to keep upgrading all your buildings through attacking goblin camps. And watch your might increase tremendously during this time as well because of the production in your first two cities.

Good luck and let me know if this guide works for you, or if you have your own strategy for building cities.



  1. Joshua - September 26, 2014 6:56 PM

    What can I NOT build in city 3 so as to have more barracks? Thanks. 🙂

  2. Christa Thompson - July 16, 2014 3:57 PM

    I’ve been working on a series for the last couple years called, Mapping Middle Earth on Earth. It’s a guide to all the places you can visit that inspired the work of Tolkien. I’ts taken me on interviews with professors of mythology in Iceland, to an interview with the Burren Tolkien Society in Ireland where I got to see and explore the cave that Gollum was created upon. It’s called the Poll na Gollum, yeah that’s its real name. Tolkien named him after it. I’ve been to the UK where he lived and held a seat in Oxford with C.S. Lewis. It’s been a long process and little bits are published here and there, but it’s been fun. More to come on that….

    • Kareem Ali - July 16, 2014 7:20 PM

      Music to my ears, er, actually that’s not accurate since I’m reading this comment but you understand what I mean. Huge LOTR fan and your comment just made my day. I actually didn’t know that about Gollum’s name so I’m very interested in knowing more…

  3. Anonymous - July 13, 2014 7:38 PM

    how do you fine the 3rd city deed

    • Kareem Ali - July 14, 2014 8:01 PM

      You collect 3rd City Relics by attacking Goblin camps level 6 and above. Once you collect 100 3rd City Relics then you convert them to a 3rd City Deed in the Sage’s Tower. You increase the relics drop rate by upgrading your Sage’s Tower

  4. Katie - April 4, 2014 11:01 PM

    How do you use the new troops like the rangers? I don’t get the point of them

    • Kareem Ali - April 5, 2014 9:43 AM

      You can use them the same way you use all the other troops and if you don’t see them available to select when sending troops to attack then go to My Items and select Use. They’re supposed to give an advantage when fighting goblins compared to other troops and in my tests 1 Master Ranger with a lvl 1 hero can take out 5 Log Rams. So that would make their strength around 120

  5. Joe - February 22, 2014 10:39 AM

    Will the 3rd city be under the 7 day protection?

  6. Anonymous - February 11, 2014 9:49 AM

    thx for all the time and effort you have put into these guides. They have been extremely helpful.

    • Kareem Ali - February 11, 2014 9:51 AM

      Thanks for the feedback, glad they helped

  7. Graham - January 5, 2014 11:37 PM

    This was helpful, but I think it will be helpful to explain what the function of each city becomes and what each city’s functions are in terms of # of buildings target and resources target. Hope this helps.

    • Kareem Ali - January 6, 2014 9:18 AM

      Thanks! Originally I didn’t get into that so players can build their cities to their style of play but you’ve given me a great idea now


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