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Guide to Hitman: Sniper Chapter 2: Missions 1-5

Guide to Hitman: Sniper Chapter 2: Missions 1-5


If you’re reading this Guide to Hitman: Sniper Chapter 2: Missions 1-5 then congratulations on completing the first chapter in the mobile game but chapter 2 tests your skills in new ways. The training wheels are off and some of these missions require you to explore the entire map thoroughly but there’s no reason to be intimidated by any of it because you are the best hitman in the world. And these missions are really fun. If you didn’t see my basic tips in the guide for Chapter 1 here it is again:

  • Zoom in and keep reticle on person for 2 seconds to identify. Keep track of security guards in vicinity this way
  • Use environment kills as often as possible to remain undetected.
  • Remove bodies from view – Can use additional bullets to shoot dead bodies and move them into pool or through broken glass pane
  • Distract guards through the use of environmental hazards such as power supply, glass, etc
  • Be patient. That doesn’t mean take forever, it means don’t rush your shots and give yourself away
  • If detected, immediately take out the guard attempting to radio it in

Guide to Hitman: Sniper Chapter 1: Missions 6-10

Check out the individual missions below and how to defeat them.

Mission 1:
Mission 2:
Mission 3:
Mission 4:
Mission 5:


Chapter 2, Mission 1:

  • Search the 3 houses and destroy the 0/5 laptops
  • Kill Vincent Krug

The 5 laptops are highlighted below. There’s one in the building all the way to the left and one all the way to the right. The third one is at the bottom of the map to the left of the red carpet.  And the final two are in the main complex: in the floor above the pool table and in the room below the bartender.

Guide to Hitman: Sniper Chapter 2: Missions 1-5

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Chapter 2, Mission 2:

  • Get a score of 320,000
  • within the first 3 minutes
  • Kill Basia Romanowski

An easy way to accomplish this is to get an environmental kill with Marcus Krug and his bodyguard so no one becomes suspicious. This could net you over 200,000 points easily. Just wait for Krug to walk to the balcony with his bodyguard and shoot the fire light fixture to the left of them. (See picture below). Once that’s done you can just eliminate a solo guard with a headshot, such as the one near the vans. And then make sure to eliminate Basia with a headshot to complete the mission.

Guide to Hitman: Sniper Chapter 1: Missions 1-5
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Chapter 2, Mission 3:

  • Kill a guard through some scenery to get an X-Ray kill
  • Kill Dimitri Lefkos

This one requires you pay more attention to the environment as well as being quick with your decision. It’s recommended that you use instinct (the eye icon on the left) so you can see guards through scenery and know which items you can shoot through. The 3 easiest locations to achieve the X-Ray kill are highlighted in the picture below. If you want to achieve this quickly then target the bodyguard that walks with Krug (the left most bush) and right before they reach it use instinct and slow them down using focus (lungs on the right) and you have your X-Ray kill. If you miss this then you’ll have another opportunity when they walk through the next bush.

Guide to Hitman: Sniper Chapter 2: Missions 1-5
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Chapter 2, Mission 4:

  • Get a score of 80,000
  • only taking one shot
  • Kill Baltasar Cabasso

This mission isn’t as difficult as it may seem. One shot kill for 80,000 points? If you’ve reached this point in the game then you’ve done this many times already. You can’t use a shot to distract guards or set up an even greater kill because you can only use ONE bullet. So the simplest way to achieve this is with old reliable Markus Krug and his bodyguard. Shoot the fire light fixture behind them when Krug relaxes on the glass and you’ll get more than enough points. After this you can rack up the points doing as much as you want whether it’s additional kills or laptops. Once you’re ready to kill Baltasar look for the pool table and take him out. 8-ball in the corner pocket.

Guide to Hitman: Sniper Chapter 2: Missions 1-5
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Chapter 2, Mission 5:

  • Kill a guard about to call in an alert to get an interrupted kill
  • Kill Omid Maklouf

Since you’ll have to kill a guard about to call in an alert you’re gonna have to break your stealth chain. In other words, you want someone to be discovered by a guard that will make him call in an alert. But you have to take the guard out when the red phone icon is above his head so don’t be impatient once a kill is discovered. This can be achieved in multiple locations because you only need a guard to discover a body or be present when you make a kill. One way is to kill the rogue agent on the bench immediately and let one of the two guards that walk in that area discover the kill. As soon as you see the red phone logo over the head take him out immediately. Wait a moment for the guard coming from the right to discover the kill and take him out as well. Now you’ve completed the first requirement with no worries about Omid Maklouf fleeing. If you want to take out the head of security wait until you see a blue phone icon and then locate him on the map. He adds some nice points to your total. And then take out Omid Maklouf whenever you’re ready.

Guide to Hitman: Sniper Chapter 2: Missions 1-5


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