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The Valiant #1 Preview

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In the midst of all the recent comic book news, Valiant Comics has been busy preparing the start of their own massive event set to start in December. It’s a 4-part series called the Valiant, and all of Earth’s heroes have to unite to combat a threat that has been defeating Gilad and killing Geomancers for thousands of years. And every time this ancient threat kills a Geomancer the Earth is plunged into darkness, and this has occurred on 3 occasions. It’s being written by Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt, and the artwork duties will be handled by Paolo Rivera.

Considering the Armor Hunters event just ended and the dust is settling in the aftermath of that I was wondering about the need for another major event so soon involving pretty much the same characters. But after watching the trailer, yes trailer, I’m sold on it. I mentioned in my reviews of Armor Hunters that Gilad was almost the forgotten character and with the Valiant event that will obviously change. Check out the trailer below, and if that’s not enough for you then continue after the jump to read the Valiant #1 Preview, which is the first 8 pages. It’s set to go on sale December 10th.




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