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Unlocking mini-golf in Golf Story

Unlocking Mini-Golf in Golf Story

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There are many activities to get lost playing in Golf Story for the Nintendo Switch. One of my favorites, mini-golf, has to be unlocked before it can be enjoyed. It’s located at the top right of the Wellworn Grove course guarded by two men. If you try to enter they’ll warn you and you’re prevented from entering. But you don’t have to sneak over fences or hit them in the head with a golf ball (I tried) to get past them. You just have to use your uncanny golf skills or at least keep trying until you succeed.


You have to first hit 4 green buttons located on the course in the first area. You’re told about the first button to the left as soon as you enter the course by the first person you meet. These aren’t difficult shots to make at all. It’s just a matter of pressing ‘Y’ to tee up wherever you want and then choosing the right club to make the shot. You might have to use ‘ZL’ or ‘ZR’ to change the distance of your shot. Or you can enter Precision Mode while tee’d up by pressing ‘Y’ again and then adjusting the distance of the shot to land perfectly on the button. I found Precision Mode the easiest way to do this.

First button Mini Golf

The second button is immediately to the right on an island near the floating boy. Pressing ‘Y’ to tee up a shot is a great way of surveying areas and seeing what’s around. The third button is all the way at the top left of the screen hidden behind some trees. And the fourth button is right behind the mini-golf lounge. See the pics below for more help:


Once you have all four buttons lit on the front of the building a hole will open up near the door. This is just an easy putt from straight ahead. Once you make the putt the two guys guarding the door will disappear, and voila, you have access to mini-golf. It’s not just a fun area because if you have enough money (a whopping $314) you can purchase a special putter. Now you have no excuses to continue getting double boogeys.


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