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Tales of Hearts R World Map

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Navigating in any open world can be tricky at times, and Tales of Hearts R isn’t any different. There are a few occassions where finding the next location can be difficult and considering the random battles that can change the orientation of the screen, it’s imperative to know exactly where you want to go. So here’s the complete Tales of Hearts R world map with the numbers listed according to the places you’ll most likely have to travel next to advance the story. I hope this helps.


Tales Of Hearts Map


1) Seaville
2) Seaville Woods
3) Cynos
4) Lagos Caves
5) Twilight Forest
6) Traveler’s Respite
7) Hanselar
8) Mount Grimm
9) Hanselar Strand
10) Pendeloque Southport
11) Obus Westport
12) Guz Spa
13) Anders Mine
14) Obus Southport
15) Straga
16) Shoalhaven
17) Odette Watergate
18) Lion Park
19) High Tower
20) Obus Eastport
21) Lignatore Garrison
22) Douze Mois Way
23) Straga Sewers
24) Schehera Desert Rest
25) Schehera Desert
26) Prinseur
27) Marquise Westport
28) Mysticete
29) Port Trilliant
30) Layve Village
31) Layve Glade
32) Marquise Northport
33) Refuge Hut
34) Mount Bremen
35) Blanche Villa
36) Dronning
37) Mount Va’mell
38) Hideout

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