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My “Sort-of Review” of “America’s Army: Proving Grounds” on NBF

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Written By: Jessica “Allahweh” Brown

For various reasons, I was asked time and time again to take a look at “America’s Army: Proving Grounds,” the latest game in the America’s Army franchise that not terribly long ago went into it’s open beta status.  The game, however, left a lot to be desired.  In fact,  it had a flaw which I personally found so grievous that I refused to actually play any more of the game and award it an actual review score, and thus, instead, I had to give it a rating of “N/A,” which I have never done before.

Since I did this for Nerdy But Flirty, I will not reproduce the text of the review here, but instead direct you to where you can read it on their site:

[Sort-of Review] America’s Army: Proving Grounds by Allahweh

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