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Red Wolf #1

Red Wolf #1


If you haven’t been able to keep up with all the new characters in Marvel’s Secret Wars you might be missing some gems that are worth considering. One of those characters is Red Wolf, Marvel’s leading Native-American hero who you can check out in the 1872 series set in the Wild West. But it was recently announced that he’ll be in his own series starting in December with Red Wolf #1 in the new Marvel Universe. It’ll be written by Nathan Edmondson, who’s previously written Black Widow and the Punisher, and he’ll be joined by Dalibor Talajic as the artist. And on top of that Jeffrey Veregge will be providing characterization and design consulting since he’s a member of the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe so it’ll be more authentic. He’ll be based in the American Southwest so his landscape will be much different from where Marvel’s superheroes are usually based. And as a man out of time he’ll have to adjust to the new world while using his abilities to combat the various organizations seeking to control that land.

I’m pretty excited for this series and not just the way it opens up the universe to diversity even more but he’s actually a great character. His roots go back to the 1970s although this will be an entirely new beginning so you won’t have to be familiar with any of his history. I do recommend checking him out in the 1872 series. For now, Red Wolf #1 is definitely on my must buy list.

Red Wolf #1


Red wolf

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