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Punisher Netflix Series Officially Announced


The Punisher will return! Well, if you’ve watched all of Daredevil season 2 then you know the door for that was left open. He was last seen burning down his former home after removing some files, mainly a disc labeled “Micro.” The prevailing theory is that it refers to Microchip, the Punisher’s assistant who provides him with logistic and tactical support. Frank Castle discovered the death of his family wasn’t a random act but connected to the truth of what occurred in Kandahar, Afghanistan and he’s out for answers. We won’t have to wait long for these answers because Netflix has officially announced the Punisher as an upcoming series. And I couldn’t be happier about this news.

Like others I went in with a healthy concern about the Punisher’s portrayal considering the disastrous movies bearing his name. But I had hope based on the quality of the Netflix series as well as Jon Bernthal’s acting ability. And as I noted in my Daredevil review, the Punisher was outstanding. And I’m glad I can say that the Punisher has found a home on Netflix. It’s the perfect venue for him, and I prefer a series on Netflix over another movie for him. At least for now. Deadpool’s R-rated success proves that movies can be successful when staying true to a popular character’s form even if it is graphic but aside from the concern of all the pitfalls that could befall a Punisher movie there’s one main reason why I prefer a series: more content.

Punisher Netflix Series Officially Announced

I’m sure fans have been contemplating which story line they would want to see a Punisher series cover, and I’ve wondered that as well considering the way all the Netflix series have been tied together in some way. The beauty of having more content as a result of a series as opposed to a movie, I can point to the obvious: 13 hours of content vs 2.5 hours.

So the sky is the limit in terms of potential story lines, compelling character development, and no worries about the tone of the series adequately expressing the world of the Punisher. He fits in better with the other Netflix series as opposed to the overall cinematic universe. If somehow the two intersect in a greater way then so be it but until then I’m completely on board with a new Netflix series. Can’t wait.
There’s currently no premiere date but probably won’t arrive until after the Defenders series in 2017.

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