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Mounts in Elder Scrolls Online


As anyone who has played knows, Mounts in Elder Scrolls Online can be a huge strategic advantage in PvP as it allows players to get around faster or it can reduce time in PvE to travel to new locations for quests. It’s also known that mounts are expensive unless you’ve purchased the Imperial Edition in which case an Imperial mount will only cost 1 gold for each of your characters. It is possible to save up early to purchase a mount by saving on costs to repair your equipment by crafting your own whenever needed or switching when you loot equipment with no huge regard in the change in stats. What might not be known is that mounts are completely upgradeable and not only can you rename them but their appearance in-game changes based on your upgrades. So yes, I have a white horse named Shadowfax but it’s not the only horse that I have. There are 5 total mounts available in-game including the Imperial horse and they’re all over 40K gold except 2. Here are the available mounts/horses:

Mount Type Cost Speed Stamina Carrying Load
Common Horse
17200 15% 10 0
Draft Horse 42700 15% 10 10
Gaited Horse 42700 15% 20 0
Light Horse 42700 25% 10 0
Imperial Horse 1 15% 10 0

The Speed of the horse is exactly how it sounds, stamina allows your horse to sprint longer so that’s advantageous to getting to locations faster or just outrunning other horses with less stamina. Carrying Load actually increases your inventory so that’s definitely a huge plus as your inventory space will constantly fill up requiring you to either make deposits at the bank or tough choices on what to keep. So there is no difference between the Imperial and Common horses except price and appearance. However this is just the starting point for all of these horses and you can upgrade each one of the 3 traits by visiting any stable and speaking to the merchant, and you can also purchase more stable space for additional mounts there.


You don’t have to acquire additional supplies as everything you need to upgrade your mount is at the stable and you purchase for 250 gold either an apple, hay or feed to increase the speed, stamina and capacity, respectively. So while technically it is possible to take a common horse and turn it into the best horse in all of Tamriel you’re only allowed one upgrade every 20 hours per horse and the increase is only 1. It would take you over 8 days to upgrade the common horse to have the same carrying capacity as the starting point for the draft horse so choose wisely. However if you take care of your horse it’ll definitely take care of you when you need it the most. And don’t be the only one without it.




  1. fantasywind - April 29, 2014 6:56 AM

    So horses to choose like in Oblivion and Skyrim eh? 🙂 Heheh now I’m reminded about Tusked Bristleback riding Riecklings from Solstheim or Durzogs (did goblin ever mount them or I just messed this hehe 🙂 but of course both riecklngs and goblins aren’t considered races to choose from, then the Tribunal gave…stuff carrying trained rats). But seriously, while the idea of other creatures to ride is nice, it would be probably too similar to WoW. I remember also certain mod for Morrowind which apparently added ability to ride Guars, that would be interesting (for Dunmer character at least) :).

    • Kareem Ali - April 29, 2014 8:53 PM

      Skyrim allowed you to ride dragons with one of its DLCs. So I wonder if there will be some additions down the line for Elder Scrolls Online. I really like the ability to customize mounts. There really is a deep customization theme throughout everything in this game and that makes it possible to make the experience uniquely your own

      • fantasywind - May 6, 2014 8:33 AM

        That’s good then. More possibilities in gameplay.

        • Kareem Ali - May 6, 2014 10:03 AM

          Yeah, I definitely like the touch of being able to customize your mount this way.

  2. T-Go Co Games (@TGoCoGames) - April 23, 2014 11:14 PM

    I haven’t done much PVP, but I never use my horse for PVE. Too much going on everywhere (especially with being able to harvest everything!) that I just end up having to dismount all the time anyway. I use my Imperial horse just to add bag capacity, which is nice.

    Probably add all speed for a PVP horse, though your note about stamina being useful for catching up or getting away is an excellent point and I’ll have to think about how to divide those points.

    You can only get the benefits of 1 horse at a time, right? Like I can’t have one adding bag space, but then use another for actually riding.

    • Kareem Ali - April 24, 2014 1:29 AM

      No, I’ve only seen the benefit from the active horse. And yes the extra stamina has been helpful in PVP when you have to travel long distances to either defend or attack a keep.


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