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Hitman Absolution now has a mobile app called Hitman ICA (International Contract Agency) and it allows you to manage everything about your assassin from disguises and weapon upgrades to contracts. It also gives you access to the network so you can keep up with the latest news and data regarding the game. It’s a free app available in the app store for iOS devices and Google Play Marketplace. There’s standard access for anyone who wants to try it out but you’ll definitely have to link it to the platform you play Hitman Absolution on by linking your Steam, Xbox or PS3 account with your Square Enix account. So yes, if you don’ t have a Square Enix account you’ll have to create a free one.  If you enjoy Hitman and want to be able to manage it on the go then this app is definitely worth downloading. There are 3 main sections in the app from the Mainframe: Assassin Profile, Assassin Network and ICA Database.

In Assassin Profile you have access to all your profile details, contracts and your safehouse. It has stats from all the Hitman games you’ve played and you can see your rank, score and the amount of money in your account. You can also view detailed information about play styles whether you’ve unlocked them in the game or not. If you haven’t unlocked one this app has information on what you have to do to unlock it. You can view every single chapter in story mode and all checkpoint challenges and targets.  You can browse all the contracts just like you can in the game and you can find and add contracts to your queue that will automatically be synced with the game the next time you play. So you can manage your contracts anywhere now. And last but not least you have access to everything in your safehouse. You can view, purchase and upgrade weapons and unlock disguises you didn’t find in the game.

 Hitman Absolution ICA app

Assassin Network gives you access to community news from the International Contract Agency, which is basically news about anything related to Hitman and also worldwide statistics for those who’ve played the game as well as your own. And ICA Database gives you access to more details about locations and targets as well as Youtube videos, hints and comics. If access to all of this doesn’t interest you then the free money and weapons you receive by just browsing through the different sections might.

The app is available now and is perfect for all assassins on the go


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    Do u have anything on hitman sniper chapter 2 missions 11- 20


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