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Book of Death #3 Preview


With Unity left reeling from its defeat at the hands of Gilad and the true enemy revealed, at least to readers, things are definitely heating up in the Book of Death series. Daroque, a powerful necromancer and the one behind the Dark Geomancer trying to kill Tama, had an impressive debut at the end of issue #2. And even though he doesn’t make an appearance in the Book of Death #3 preview below, his influence is felt as Gilad tries to piece together the clues from previous attacks. And Unity hasn’t given up the hunt with Colonel Capshaw and Neville ready to utilize them as soon as they’re patched up.

This has been a great series so far, and halfway through it seems as if the remaining 2 issues will not only offer answers regarding the Book of Death and Daroque but some great battles. It’s good to see Punk Mambo get utilized here although I’m not sure how much she’ll be involved in the next series of events but it’s probably safe to assume she’ll play a role in Unity realizing they’re going after the wrong ones. So what’s Daroque’s connection to the Geomancers and the Book of Death? Can Earth’s forces stop him in time? Well, we have to wait until September 23rd to find out. For now, check out the preview below:




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