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Allahweh’s Indie Review of “Master Reboot” on NBF!

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WRITTEN BY: Jessica “Allahweh” Brown

A little while ago, I came across a game called “Master Reboot” while researching some indie horror games. After checking out the game’s website, I had to admit to myself that the game looked really cool. It was very different from what I expect to see in most horror games, going for the ethereal and other-worldly style that was done pretty well some years ago by the makers of “The Void.” So, the ever-awesome Kelsey from Nerdy But Flirty procured me a review copy of the game and I managed to play and record/review it.

Because this was done for Nerdy But Flirty, I would not feel right reproducing the review here, but I feel totally okay with directing you to the main review on their site. So, read up, watch, and enjoy!:

Review of “Master Reboot” (Indie, PC) at NBF!

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