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Aliens: Fire and Stone #1 Preview

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Aliens: Fire and Stone is an upcoming series written by Chris Roberson and published by Dark Horse Comics about everyone’s favorite murderous alien species. Well, it’s actually about a group of human survivors whose colony was overrun by Aliens as they strive to escape the clutches of these ruthless killers. They’re able to make it off the colony but not before their ship is infested, which results in them crashing on an unknown planet. If you’ve watched or read any Aliens’ story then you know the drill, and if you’re a fan then these preview pages should definitely pique your interest. The writing and the characters seem to have a lot of potential to make this story feel fresh. And the artwork by Patric Reynolds is very detailed so the Aliens are impressive, as well as the graphic moments, but the dark, almost black and white colors, add an ominous feel to every panel, which is perfect for those facing tremendous odds against the Aliens. Aliens: Fire and Stone #1 goes on sale September 24th. Check out the preview below:

Aliens: Fire and Stone #1 Preview

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