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Kareem Ali 4.5

Tomb Raider #2


  • The good

    The plot thickens with the revelation of how many pieces were taken from the island as well as other parties getting involved.

  • The bad

    The artwork distracts from the tone of the story and the action sequences aren't visually gripping

  • The ugly

  • Tomb Raider #2 continues the story of Lara Croft as she struggles to understand the calamities that have befallen her and her friends after their harrowing experience on the island of Yamatai. After Jonah was trapped in his trailer and couldn’t escape from the sudden flood right in front of Lara’s eyes she reminisces about a specific time on the ship in happier times that was reflective of how well Jonah knew her and how he cared about her. He used to watch over her just like he did when he got her out the trailer just in time, so against all odds Lara jumps back into the water determined to rescue Jonah. It seems like an impossible task when she dives in the first time and can’t find anything. But when she sees a carving of his ancestors floating in the water and knowing how dear it was to him since he was the last of his line she dives back in and finds the trailer this time. She’s able to rescue him and luckily he’s still breathing but if it wasn’t for Ray, the driver who brought her there, grabbing them at the last minute, both of them would have drowned. However it wasn’t for altruistic reasons as Ray tells them he overheard them talking about gold so he wants whatever is in the box that Jonah has and since they’re out in the desert he doesn’t have to worry about anyone finding their bodies after he kills them. Ray may be the most immediate issue facing Lara and Jonah but definitely not their biggest. So even if they deal with Ray where do they even begin to undo this apparent curse hanging over all of them from the island of Yamatai?


    I enjoyed the first issue a lot and since this is an ongoing series and not a limited one I don’t mind certain story threads being more deliberate than others since I’m in it for the long run. However the immediate story is still very intriguing and the pace is appreciated along with the tone. And it’s unfortunate I have to say this but after 2 issues I’m not a fan of the artwork for this series because it doesn’t fit the tone of the story as the gravity of the situations seem lost along with the detail in the scenes. And in the situation where Ray is telling Lara to give him the box (no pun intended), Lara isn’t even shown with the box and it’s actually shown behind him. Maybe it’ll grow on me but it doesn’t seem suited for this series so far, and it stands out more due to the excellent artwork on the cover. The storyline becomes more intriguing this issue as Lara would seek the help of a professor after dealing with Ray in order to find answers and make sense out of everything that has been occurring since they left the island. But it’s the revelations that came after that really made the story more engrossing and I don’t want to give away any spoilers so I’ll just say that even Lara’s mindset is called into question. And this issue does a much better job of making the relationship Lara has with others who were on the ship clear and the interactions are more thorough. So when the stakes are raised the reactions are understood, and yes the developments are impressive and I love the direction the story has taken. There isn’t much action in this issue in terms of fights but that’s actually a positive as the story flourishes instead of relying on the artwork. Although I’m not sure how well that will go over next issue considering the spectacular way this one ended and the assumption there will be more action next issue.



    Tomb Raider #2 is an impressive issue story wise with its character and story development as the mystery deepens attracting the attention of formidable foes who mean business. And I really enjoy how the series has taken on a life of its own outside of the video game so it’s a refreshing read even for those who enjoyed the story of the game while maintaining what made Lara so appealing. Unfortunately I’m not sold on the artwork being the best suited for this series as the action sequences aren’t visually gripping, and it betrays the seriousness of the predicaments Lara faces. Hopefully that improves going forward, or it grows on me, because I’m excited about the tone of this series so far.

    Release Date: 3/26/14

    Writer: Gail Simone

    Artist: Nicolas Daniel Selma

  • Rating ( 8.75 )
  • Total score 8.8

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  1. Kirk Apolo - December 17, 2014 5:07 PM

    Really enjoyed your review! Tomb raider 2 is such a fantastic game! Im playing through this again and I can totally empahise with some of the tough levels. I too hate the opera house. I spent ages trying to find the damn circuit board. But I loved the guy with the twin guns towards the end of the level.. As for which one is better Id have too say both are great for what they are. Tomb raider as you have said gives you that sense of isolation and is quite scary at times even to this day!


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