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Harbinger Renegades #4
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Harbinger Renegades #4


  • The good

    Solomon becomes a more intriguing character. Tremendous potential going forward in this series

  • The bad

    Too much focus on Kris takes away from the other Renegades

  • The ugly

  • Solomon raises the stakes drastically in Harbinger Renegades #4. It opens up years ago when Solomon was first learning of his powers. He was taking care of his Aunt Carla, who raised him, and keeping a relatively low profile. He studies hard believing it would help him utilize his abilities better. However, everything changes when Toyo Harada pays him a visit and offers him the opportunity of a lifetime. And once Harada activates Solomon’s complete power there’s no limit to what he can achieve.


    Fast forward to today and Solomon has his sights set on the Renegades. He tells Kris that his recent actions, including the attack on Torque, was for the purpose of reuniting them. Will Kris trust Solomon’s plans or will she stand against him? And what are Solomon’s true plans?

    Harbinger Renegades #4
    It’s been good seeing the Renegades together again, even if it has been limited so far. Solomon’s mysterious plan has been intriguing, and the prologues in every issue are fascinating. This issue confirms Solomon’s desire to reunite the Renegades and his need for Peter. However, the full extent of his plan still isn’t revealed despite all he shared with Kris. So my only knock on this issue would be the extent to which this is all dependent on Kris almost effectively sidelining the other Renegades.


    The prologue showing Solomon’s backstory once again didn’t disappoint. Rafer Roberts has been doing a masterful job building his stature to the point where it almost rivals Harada. His predictive powers can make him almost as dangerous since his true motives still haven’t been revealed. Unfortunately his time was spent attempting to convince Kris why he needed Peter’s abilities. Yes, it made sense since Peter trusts Kris but it seemed to undercut his perceived development.

    Harbinger Renegades #4
    Peter would get an opportunity to shine along with Faith, my other favorite Renegade. Their battle against other psiots was entertaining for the most part. Although using mind games to leave one of the most powerful psiots alive powerless has run its course. The remaining Renegades didn’t get in on the action but Torque’s situation with Jay and Tamara was as enjoyable as last issue. And considering the way this issue ended, the future looks very interesting for the team.




    Harbinger Renegades #4 is an overall solid conclusion to the first story arc reuniting the team. I really like Solomon’s rise because he’s an entertaining character with intriguing plans. However, the focus on Kris takes away somewhat from the other Renegades making progress. Still, the situation for the Renegades has so much potential I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them.


    Release Date: 2/22/17
    Writer: Rafer Roberts
    Artist: Darick Robertson
  • Rating ( 8 )
  • Total score 8.0

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