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Kareem Ali 4

Ghost #10


  • The good

    Great story developments and new enemies emerging. Elisa's impact on the public and character development

  • The bad

    Too many liberties taken with the details of characters' actions

  • The ugly

  • Ghost #10 continues Elisa’s quest to destroy the heads of the criminal organizations in Chicago. It opens up with her and Tommy arguing in his car about her just killing all the members of a criminal organization. He’s also concerned with her remaining in her Ghost costume at all times and thinks she’s losing herself. He tells her that she’s no longer dealing with demons but humans so she has to use different tactics. He’s not the only one who feels this way as Vaughn would have the same discussion with her later. He would implore her to think about their friends and families, and Elisa would respond that the victims have friends and families too. She views them solely as predators so she has no problem taking them out as she sees fit. So she carries on with her activities, watching her family from a distance and making sure her sister gets home safe. But considering the tough neighborhood her sister lives in, she wonders how she can keep her safe all the time and believes it won’t be possible with just taking out those on the streets on her way home. So she decides to aim higher again, and wants to turn things into a full-blown war against all criminal organizations. So she commits herself fully to this and even turns her back on the writing job with Sloane. But is Elisa going too far and has she really considered the possibility of these organizations seeking to respond to her actions?


    I really liked Elisa’s character development last issue and how she dealt with her memories of her family as well as her time spent fighting in hell. It dealt with the question of returning to a former life after being declared dead in a reasonable way considering her new powers and status as Ghost. And the start of this issue dealt with her actions since her memories returned, and the quintessential issue of being careful of what one becomes while fighting those one deems to be evil. But it would also deal with how much Elisa trusted the judgement of her friends especially considering Vaughn has given into drinking again. And an excellent question was raised by her since she only became friends with them after returning and not knowing anything about her former life. And when you add the corruption in the city to the mix and a new, interesting figure leaning on the mayor to help go after Ghost secretly despite Ghost’s popularity in the media, this issue had a lot of entertaining concepts and scenarios in play. However, the execution at certain points raised almost as many questions in terms of why would a particular character do something. For example, why does Elisa need Tommy to drive her around all the time when she can fly, and why would she do so in her costume when he could easily be identified? If her sister requires her to beat up thugs every night she walks home then how did she survive all this time? How can Elisa afford a new place? I’m posing these questions to avoid mentioning any spoilers because despite the entertaining story progression it felt like a lot of liberties were taken just to advance the story to a certain point. But I did enjoy the potential in the new setting and the stakes being raised in Elisa’s war against these organizations. And with the conclusion of this issue I’m looking forward to seeing how Elisa and the public responds next.




    Ghost #10 is an entertaining issue that only suffers due to the execution of some of the details but not the overall direction of the story line. I enjoy how Elisa is coming to terms with her memories and former life, and what that all means to her current situation including her friends. Her use of her powers has been pretty exciting and opens the door to so many possibilities. And new enemies emerging consisting of the reluctant mayor raises the stakes in many ways. Questions such as why Ghost would have Tommy driving her around or how she could afford to just move made it harder to feel completely engrossed in this issue but I’m looking forward to seeing how things unfold in this new, entertaining direction.


    Release Date: 12/2/14

    Writer: Chris Sebela

    Artist: Harvey Tolibao


  • Rating ( 8 )
  • Total score 8.0

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