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Divinity III: Stalinverse #3
Kareem Ali 4.5

Divinity III: Stalinverse #3


  • The good

    Great action sequences involving new characters. Story advances tremendously. Divinity in action again

  • The bad

    Abram waking up with ease leaving the question of why couldn't he wake up before

  • The ugly

  • Divinity III: Stalinverse #3 continues with Ninjak and Harada moving forward with their plan to wake up Divinity. It opens up with Ninjak and Harada discussing the current reality and why they’re the only ones who seem to be aware of it being wrong. Despite their abilities they need Divinity to undo the massive changes to reality but they’re unsure if they push him too hard if he’ll break. They believe Myshka is behind the change in reality because they don’t know about Kazmir.


    Their plans change when Soviet forces outside their location finally attack. Out of time, they decide they can no longer way to activate Divinity.  Ninjak makes a run for it while Harada tries to hold them all off. But what can the two of them do against the full force of Myshka, Kazmir and the Soviet forces? And what will it take to finally wake Abram?

    Divinity III: Stalinverse #3
    More than halfway through the series, Divinity III: Stalinverse has finally reached the point where it’s more exciting than it is perplexing. The fact that the one-shot issues were more about an individual character instead of elaborating on how their situation came to be didn’t help in terms of answers. Thankfully this issue provides plenty of answers and moves the story forward tremendously. And there’s plenty of action along the way. There’s just one main question that’s left to be answered in the final issue.


    I was really hype when I saw how quickly this issue transitioned into action. It was good seeing Ninjak and Harada at first trying to piece together how everything happened. However, since last issue revealed it was the third companion and not Myshka who was responsible for the current reality it almost felt like an unnecessary recap. So I was hype for the action because it meant the new characters introduced would finally be part of some real developments. Can’t be mad about seeing Harada take on the Soviet Union’s greatest warriors while Ninjak escapes.

    Divinity III: Stalinverse #3
    There were some interesting moments with Myshka in the midst of these action sequences, hinting at her attempts to be free of Kazmir. But nothing was more exciting than seeing Divinity join the fray. I won’t give away any spoilers but I did wonder if so little helped him remember why wasn’t it possible earlier. Matt Kindt’s writing was solid considering the flashback showing how Kazmir came to be was similar to Abram and Myshka but still highly engrossing. And the ending? Wow. Let’s just say next issue can’t come soon enough.




    Divinity III: Stalinverse #3 is a solid penultimate issue that sets up the finale perfectly. The addition of the new Soviet characters makes for electrifying action as the story progresses beautifully. Abram, Myshka and Kazmir’s character development expands the Divinity mythos in a powerful way. Matt Kindt does an outstanding job this issue so I hope there’s no letdown next issue.


    Release Date: 2/22/17
    Writer:Matt Kindt
    Artist: Trevor Hairsine
  • Rating ( 9.3 )
  • Total score 9.3

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