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Kareem Ali 5

Divinity III Stalinverse #2


  • The good

    Pieces together the events of Stalinverse in an exciting way. Ninjak and Harada teaming up to free Abram

  • The bad

    Doesn't elaborate on how Abram was captured and made to forget

  • The ugly

  • Divinity III Stalinverse #2 continues with Ninjak attempting to restore the correct reality. He is one of only a few remaining who seem to remember how things once were but knows he can’t do it on his own. His plan is to wake Abram with a surge of information from the other reality but in order to do that he needs to first acquire the information. And it’s all locked up inside Bloodshot. So it’s finally time for Ninjak to confront him.


    Meanwhile, Abram is receiving secret messages in his books in prison. These messages are trying to remind him of who he is. It reminds him of his space mission with two companions. It reminds him that he made friends when he returned to Earth and was able to help one of his companions find peace when she returned. However, the third companion eventually returned and was able to transform reality while causing Abram to forget. Who is this mysterious player trying to make Abram remember?

    Divinity III Stalinverse #2

    I’ve been enjoying the Divinity III one-shot stories as well as the characters that have been introduced in them. But they’ve been lacking a certain potency due to a disconnect in the current stories and the sequence of events that led us to those points. The question, “how did we get to this point?” overshadowed the entertaining events. I understand how the sudden change to reality would be disorienting to everyone in the Valiant universe and I can appreciate the attempt to provide the same experience for the reader. Thankfully, this issue starts to piece together various events  while shedding light on how it all began.


    Ninjak’s fight with Bloodshot was impressive even if it was relatively short. It allowed Ninjak to move forward with his plan to wake Abram’s true power as well as reveal who else could remember the previous reality. I couldn’t be more excited to see Ninjak team up with Toyo Harada. I was engrossed at this point because the state of the world was clarified. “Divinity’s army” was a cool addition even if just due to the story acknowledging a deeper source for the rebellion.

    Divinity III Stalinverse #2
    Kazmir, the hidden force behind the change in the world has been completely absent throughout these issues. Until now. Kazmir’s first appearance was well worth the wait. The story moved forward and the stakes were raised drastically. The first issue was a good start to the series. However, now the series truly begins.




    Divinity III Stalinverse #2 is an excellent follow-up issue that brings together all the elements in the Stalinverse. Ninjak’s battle with Bloodshot sets the stage for crucial events to occur. Harada’s inclusion as well as the introduction of Divinity’s army adds more depth to the story. Despite the same experience giving them all powers, I really enjoy how all 3 original companions use their abilities in drastically different ways. I can’t wait to see more.


    Release Date: 1/25/17
    Writer:Matt Kindt
    Artist: Trevor Hairsine
  • Rating ( 9.5 )
  • Total score 9.5

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