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The NFL Divisional Playoff games are here, have you made your Xbox One NFL App picks yet? If not then you should get on it before the games start. Yes the Xbox One NFL App is going all out for the playoffs and is giving NFL fans the opportunity to make their picks on what they believe will happen in the games this weekend and for the rest of the playoffs. It’s a fun interaction but the prizes are very real for predicting playoff performances such as gift cards, autographed NFL merchandise, and the grand prizes include a free trip for four to Super Bowl XLVIII or a free trip for four to Super Bowl XLIX. So it’s definitely worth entering because even if you don’t win a prize you earn achievements. All you have to do is open the NFL app on your Xbox One and you’re prompted with whether or not you want to participate. Even if you select no thanks at the time you can still find the option to enter on the Playoff Face Off Jan 11-12 tab (#7). There are a total of 10 picks and you can change them prior to the game starting. Here are the 10 questions if you want to do your research before answering, or you can just wing it since it’s multiple choice. Either way have fun and remember to choose so you have an opportunity to win.

  1. Which defense will record the most sacks in the Divisional Playoffs?
  2. Which QB will complete the longest pass play?
  3. How many total TDs will be scored during the Divisional Playoffs?
  4. Which kicker will record more total points?
  5. Which defense will allow the fewest rushing yards?
  6. How many games will have more than 50 total points scored?
  7. How many 100-yard receivers will emerge in the Divisional Playoffs?
  8. Which player will record the highest combined yards from scrimmage?
  9. Which QB will rush for the most yards in the Divisional Playoffs?
  10. Will any games go into overtime in the Divisional Playoffs?

After you make your first pick you’ll get the Playoff Face Off Rookie achievement so don’t say you’ve never won anything. Enjoy the games.


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