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Tomb Raider #1 Preview


With her popularity being extremely high, Lara Croft is getting the comic book treatment courtesy of Dark Horse in a new ongoing series written by the brilliant Gail Simone. It continues Lara’s story after the events that take place in the video game and I won’t spoil the story from the game in case you haven’t played it yet, or currently playing now, but I do have the Tomb Raider #1 preview for you here. The game was excellent to me and I felt the new backstory and character image worked extremely well and so I’m interested in seeing how that translates into a comic book. And with Gail Simone on board we can expect some very interesting stories. And we won’t have to wait long to check it out as Tomb Raider #1 goes on sale February 26th. So for now, enjoy the preview:


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