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The Totally Awesome Hulk #1


Marvel’s Secret War series hasn’t concluded yet but there has still been monumental changes to the Marvel universe. Universes have changed, teams have changed, characters have changed and if you haven’t been reading it I highly recommend it so far. Questions remain about the fate of many characters but news has already been released about one in particular, and that’s the Hulk. While, partial news has been released in the form of an announcement of a new series later this fall starting with the Totally Awesome Hulk #1. It’ll be a new ongoing series but instead of Bruce Banner being the one to carry the burden of this incredible power it’ll be someone else whose identity has yet to be revealed. All that is known is that this character will love being the Hulk, and according to Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso, will be “unleashed, unapologetic and totally awesome.” Oh, and there’s something about his left arm that’s being kept secret as well. I know this because of the cover that was released.

The_Totally_Awesome_Hulk_1_Cover (1)

This announcement leads to some interesting questions such as where is Banner, how did this new Hulk acquire his powers, and what will be his capabilities? Last we saw of Hulk was the Doc Green form that was super strong and super smart hunting an A.I. he created. Genius-level intellect and the only problem was that his intellect was deteriorating due to the effects of the Extremis virus used on Banner wearing off. I thoroughly enjoyed the Doc Green story line so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next for the Hulk…er, the new Hulk. It’s being written by Greg Pak and drawn by Frank Cho so I have no doubt it’ll be a great read. Can’t wait.

Check out tomorrow for the full interview with Greg Pak.


  1. fantasywind - July 19, 2015 10:00 AM

    Wait for it…a cross between Hulk and Hellboy!! ORR that’s the comic book version of Helm Hammerhand…:) oops wrong universe, but seriously oh come on Marvel why not try something completely new? This is maybe a bit exaggerated but sometimes I have a feeling as if everything theses days is just rehash of the original the same all over again even if with so many changes 🙂 🙂 so to serve it to us a different flavoured dish that still contains the same ingredients. Well I suppose it’s a safer choice than trying to promote some new superhero previously unknown.

    • Kareem Ali - July 21, 2015 4:53 PM

      It’s all part of their new universe at the conclusion of the Secret Wars series. I’ve seen some theories that it might even be the old Thor because of the hidden hand. Whoever it is I think it’ll be good


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