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The Rangers is a new epic fantasy web series being developed by Executive Producer and award-winning filmmaker Ron Newcomb (Rise of the Fellowship) and co-producer Skip Lipman of the epic documentary “Darkon”.

If the series gets off the ground, it’ll be because of you… and, well, Veronica Mars.

Like the cute tween detective and her co-conspirators, the filmmakers of The Rangers have taken to Kickstarter to fuel their vehicle with liquid. The goal? $60,000 in 32 days.

Ever wanted to be a film producer? Well, here’s your chance! For as little as $2,500 you can pretty up your IMDB page by adding an ‘associate producer’ credit to it! But every dollar counts – so even if you’ve got $1 to donate, bring it on! No matter the size of your donation, you’ll still be a part of one of the most exciting new web series of the year!

The Rangers is currently in full-scale pre-production, with all that entails. We are working hard towards hammering-out, honing, and finalizing our epic script. (Our team of writers has turned out an awesome story for us to work with!) We have already completed a successful concept photo shoot and created some great looking test footage. Now we are deep in, scouting, confirming locations, and assembling a winning team. The time is upon us, and we are asking for your support to take this project the next level!

Official Synopsis of The Rangers: Lt. Wolf and his Wolf Pack, an elite unit of Rangers, uncover a long-forgotten peril of ancient evil reawakening in this epic fantasy.

You can check out the teaser trailer here :

Please visit the Kickstarter page for The Rangers here : The Rangers kickstarter


  1. fantasywind - March 18, 2014 6:20 AM

    Such amateur projects always make me admire the resourcefulness and passion of people who take part in it :). Very interesting haha, hope it’ll go well.

    • Kareem Ali - March 19, 2014 7:16 AM

      And the director, Ron Newcomb, is a huge LOTR fan. He directed Rise of the Fellowship and I have his interview on here too

      • fantasywind - March 21, 2014 7:19 AM

        Oh yes the lotr influences are visible :):), I haven’t heard about Rise of the Fellowship (though I glimpsed a trailers for other such fan productions), well I’ll check it out.


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