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Surveying in Kingdoms of Camelot Battle for the North


Surveying in Kingdoms of Camelot Battle for the North is crucial to giving your kingdom valuable gemstones, which can be used to provide boosts in many ways. But surveying is a multi-step process so this guide will help you understand the basics of surveying as well as where to look for specific gems and their benefits. Before you can start surveying you have to meet the minimum requirements:

  • Reach Level 15
  • Construct Rally Point in city
  • Construct a Storehouse
  • Conquer a Wild on world map (Grassland, Woods, Hills or Mountains)

You cannot survey a location on the world map without a Rally Point because you cannot send out any troops  without one. And the number of locations you can survey at once also depends on the level of your Rally Point because that corresponds to the number of armies you can send out at once. You attack a wild on the world map the same way you would attack another player or Pictish camp but when you win the battle your troops won’t leave. And the number of wilds you can own at one time is dependent on the level of your Castle, and so the higher its level the more you can own. And you don’t have to search the world map to find the wilds you own because you can just click on your Castle in the city view and select the Conquests tab and you’ll see all the wilds you own and you can select them from there.


Select your troops on the world map and you’re given the option to either View Troops or Reinforce. If you already have troops there then you can just select view troops. If not then you’ll have to select reinforce and since you already own that wild you can just send one troop there. Once you select view troops you have to select the knight and then on the next screen choose Survey. This starts the process of surveying and can take over 12 hours to complete. Once it’s done you can either collect the gemstone by selecting your troops on the world map or from the march tab on the toolbar. And before you can survey that location again you have to wait more than 4 hours for it to “recover.” There are 4 different gemstones based on the type of wild you survey:

  • Grasslands – Small Flawed Rubies
  • Woods – Small Flawed Emeralds
  • Hills – Small Flawed Sapphires
  • Mountains – Small Flawed Diamonds

Once you’ve collected these gemstones there are various things you can do with them, and first you should always check the events taking place through the Round Tower because you might be able to exchange those gemstones for limited items. If there’s nothing that you desire then you can check the Artifacts tab and see what’s available and currently rubies and emeralds can be exchanged for Crystal Treasure and Enchanted Treasure chests respectively. This gives you Mystic Crystals and Enchanted Crystals, which are both required to raise your buildings past level 10.

 Surveying in Kingdoms of Camelot Battle for the North

You can also craft other gemstones from the small flawed gemstones you collect from surveying by opening up your Workshop and selecting the Crafting tab. You can craft Small Smooth, Small Brilliant, Medium Flawed and Medium Smooth, with each requiring more stones. But it’s not necessary to do so until you have a specific reason and you can keep track of all the gemstones from your Storehouse building. And once you get accustomed to amassing gemstones you’ll be more than prepared to elevate your kingdom either through raising your buildings above level 10 or collecting special items through the various events.

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