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Sprout’s Tale


One of the many great things about being a gamer is coming across a new game in development and having it pique your interest to the point where you don’t just want to know more about it but you actually enjoy following the developmental process of it. Such is the case with Sprout’s Tale, a side-scrolling puzzle game being developed by Decade Design. The premise is very intriguing as the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world but it’s not your usual post-apocalyptic world. Yes the end was caused by wars, famine, disease, floods, fires and everything else but the last survivors, who were trapped on a mountain refuge as an all-consuming fire raged around them, performed one final act that serves as the basis for this game. They gathered all their hopes and prayers and buried them in a hole on the top of that mountain and dreamed of magic as the fire ultimately consumed them too. Life on earth as we know it was over. But it wasn’t the end as eons later the mound of dirt on top of the mountain refuge begins to stir and a mysterious figure named Sprout emerges along with hope of a new beginning for the earth. You assume control of this character and have to journey through the land uncovering the truth about the past and planting seeds to overcome obstacles, collect soul fractions to build a customizable village and create a new beginning for life on the planet. However it’s not so simple as you have to confront enemies, living shadows of past sins, in what is now a foreign and mysterious land. You’ll have to distinguish between good and evil in this ambiguous world, and failure is clearly not an option.

Lighting Test

Lighting Test

Sprout’s Tale is still being developed and it’s fascinating to me to watch its progress on its official blog. There you can see the progress on various things from creating the animations to getting the music just right and it’s always entertainingly written by Tom Murphy. I’m including one of the videos from the site as a demo level is getting closer to completion. In this video Sprout uses a tree as a bridge to advance and then is confronted by an enemy (or more accurately, what will be an enemy model when added). Check it out and then check out the official blog so you can see why this is one game I’m definitely looking forward to getting my hands on.

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