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Runecrafting in the Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth


It’s only a matter of time before you reach a point where it’s essential to understand runecrafting in the Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth because you can’t raise your buildings or produce tier 4 troops without it. Now of course you need Hobbit Building Crews before you can even begin to runecraft so I’ll skip that part here. There’s been some confusion about runecrafting because apparently Ascension runes aren’t available on all the servers and so I’ve created another account on a different server to test this. And so far Ascension runes don’t show as an option in my Sage’s Tower so as I’m leveling up on that new server I’m keeping my eye on anything that has to be done in particular or if it’s just not available.

The highest level available now for runecrafting is level 11 but it takes a lot of grinding as the requirements for all the buildings include another building being runecrafted to a certain level. So for example, if you want to raise your barracks from *6 to *7 you’ll need to have a home at *7. And in order to raise a home to *7 you’ll need to have a Keep, Quarry and Mine in that city at *7. So here’s a general understanding of what’s required to runecraft a building to *11:

  1. 1 Hobbit building crew to raise building to level 10
  2. Enter Runecrafting mode by selecting runecraft option
  3. Upgrade to level *3 through regular means
  4. Upgrade to level *4 using Forge Runes
  5. Upgrade to level *7 using Ascension Runes
  6. Upgrade to level *10 using Master Runes
  7. Upgrade to level *11 using Hobbit Runecrafters


Each building requires the same amount of Forge Runes, Ascension Runes and Master Runes in order to be upgraded however Ascension and Master runes are acquired by exchanged forge runes. So this table should help you see how many of each you’ll ultimately need.

Runecraft Level Type of Runes # of Runes # of Forge Runes
Forge 1650 1650
Ascension 2570 10794
Master 2700 27000

So you’ll need a total of 39,444 Forge Runes to completely level up just 1 level *11 plus a Hobbit runecrafter unit. The exchange rate for Ascension runes is 1000 per 4200, and the exchange rate for Master Runes is 1000 per 10,000 Forge runes. There’s also another option that would slightly improve these numbers and that’s 10000 Ascension runes for 40000 Forge Runes and 10000 Master Runes for 95000 Forge Runes. So if you’re patient before exchanging you can save yourself a total of 2000 and 5000 forge runes. So, for example, you would need to runecraft 6 buildings to level *11 (Keep, Wall, Barracks, Home, Quarry, and Mine) in order to train tier 4 ranged units and that would require over 236,000 Forge Runes. So what are you waiting for? Best place to get Forge Runes is the Through Mirkwood Campaign.


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