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witchfinder #5
Kareem Ali 4.5

Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland #5


  • The good

    Outstanding artwork that enhances the story perfectly. Final pieces to the puzzle are revealed with impressive motives that aren't simply black and white

  • The bad

    Sir Edward is almost a spectator during the big action sequences

  • The ugly

  • Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland #5 is the conclusion to the series and has Sir Edward Gray attempting to stop the rising waters of the Unland before the entire city of Hallam ends up underwater. It opens up with Sir Edward rushing back to the dry land in Hallam with Ada and Walker Morse after realizing that it was Anna Poole who was responsible for all the attacks and now the flood. But Walker blames Sir Horace for all the recent events because of his anger towards the Unland after the death of his son years ago. He states that Sir Horace declared war on the Unland and used his money to hire waves of gunman to gain control over Mona, knowing whoever held the egg controlled her and the waters. And part of the deal he made for him to keep Mona safe was for them to adopt the customs of dryland folk including working for him. This is all old news to Anna who plans on finishing Sir Horace this night in his house and doesn’t want anyone to interrupt her. She tells the defenseless Sir Horace that she is the new Mere spoken to by Mona, and she’s now in control of the egg, and intends on flooding Hallam. She unleashes 2 of her biggest eels in the area and one attacks the trio, who are trying to reach Sir Horace’s home. Ada does her best to fend off the eel so the other 2 can continue on but Anna planning this for years and finally in control of the egg, can anything be done to stop her plan? Or will the Unland finally rise?

    witchfinder #5
    The build up in this series has been excellent whether it’s been the back story of the town and its shady residents or the current mystery surrounding the murders. And last issue’s revelations regarding Anna Poole and Mona set the stage for an exciting finale. And this issue started off with that same intensity by filling in the remaining pieces of the puzzle detailing specific characters’ involvement in the current state of affairs. And part of this intensity was due to the marvelous artwork by Tyler Crook, which made every revelation feel as powerful as one of the lightning bolts in the midst of this deluge. And Anna’s emergence as the main antagonist was somewhat surprising but what all of this did to her was even more surprising and I won’t give that away. Everything would be explained and I did find the truth about the Unland and the pact engrossing and how the sides weren’t just simply black and white. This helped maintain the tone from the entire series, and when you see 2 creepy looking children swimming in the water you’ll appreciate the subtleties being alive and well here. And there’s plenty of action this issue and it’s electrifying, no pun intended, although the majority of it didn’t involve Sir Edward, who became almost a spectator at the most crucial moments. Aside from that, this was a very satisfying issue that made me enjoy the trip to the Unland, at least a lot more than Sir Edward did.




    Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland #5 is an electrifying conclusion to the series that answers all remaining questions while delivering intense action that will leave you haunted by eels for some time. It goes without saying that it’s a good thing when the build up to a climax is worth the wait, and this story is successful providing that engrossing feeling. And the artwork is once again indicative of all the enjoyable aspects of this series from the subtle creepiness to the large-scale action sequences, although I wish Sir Edward was more involved in the action. If you haven’t picked up Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland yet I highly recommend this series. Just don’t expect to walk away with a fondness for eels.


    Release Date: 10/15/14

    Writer: Kim Newman, Maura McHugh

    Artist: Tyler Crook

  • Rating ( 9.25 )
  • Total score 9.3

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