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Secret Weapons #1
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Secret Weapons #1


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    Great premise executed well this issue. Characters are intriguing. A lot of potential in the story

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  • Secret Weapons #1 has Livewire attempting to protect psiots, who were discarded by Harada, from a new threat. This issue starts in Oklahoma City in a secret lab where a test is being conducted. One of the scientists is talking to the subject about ancient Roman rituals. The scientist asks this creature from another planet if its kind is responsible for Romans believing they could acquire more athletic prowess by bathing in the blood of fallen champions. And he asks this because he’s just completed the process that allowed the subject to absorb a psiot’s abilities. Since the process was a success, the subject is sent after 4 additional targets.


    Meanwhile, Nicole Finch, one of the psiots discarded by Harada, is just going about her day until she gets a message from one of her birds. She’s led to another psiot being hunted by the creature and she arrives just in time. Even though the psiots know each other, neither one of them know why this creature is hunting them. But with their powers considered overall useless by Toyo Harada, what chance do they have against such a creature? Or is there more to them than even Harada knew?

    Secret Weapons #1
    The opening sequence really set the tone in a wonderful way. Since the hunted psiots were considered to have useless powers, the situation became more intriguing with an enemy that could utilize all their abilities. So it was question of whether this enemy would succeed in ways or if these psiots would learn to utilize their powers in better ways. And Livewire’s connection to it all wasn’t just scientific like Harada but caring about them as people.


    Individually none of the psiots had powers that could be used in a militarized way but they were still cool. The potential was there but since the focus was on them surviving the scenarios were exciting. Nicole Finch was easily the most interesting out of the 3, and not just because of her power. Her personality moved the story forward and kept the characters connected. So even when Livewire wasn’t in the scene it was still entertaining with its character development.

    Secret Weapons #1
    Other than the initial introduction, nothing else was given about the mysterious villain. However, the start of the issue showed enough so that the hunt still felt ominous knowing what could happen if the monster was successful. Therefore the action sequences felt intense, and it was pretty cool to see Livewire in action too. And with the way this issue ended, it’s pretty clear that the battle next issue won’t be the same.




    Secret Weapons #1 is an intriguing start to the series because it successfully takes lesser psiots and creates an engrossing story where the stakes matter. The character development is entertaining, and it’s easy to care about them because they care about each other. It’s easy to enjoy battles between high-powered psiots. However, this series is on track to show that even psiots discarded by Harada have an interesting future.


    Release Date: 6/28/17
    Writer: Eric Heisserer
    Artist: Raul Allen with Patricia Martin
  • Rating ( 8.4 )
  • Total score 8.4

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