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Freeway Fighter #1
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Freeway Fighter #1


  • The good

    Wonderful artwork. A lot of potential in the story premise and character. Story flow

  • The bad

    Very little given about the world-at-large or the breakdown of society

  • The ugly

  • Freeway Fighter #1 is the start of a new series set in a dystopian future and based on the classic game book. This issue opens up in the year 2020 during the final I-400 race in Death Valley, California. De La Rosa, the daughter of a legendary driver is currently in 2nd place on the last lap trying to find a way to past the leader. The leader sees De la Rosa and tries to cut her off. However, he miscalculates her move and ends up putting his car in a bad position.


    Fast forward to the year 2024 where resources are scare. De la Rosa is still driving but her car is now armored and instead of trying to win a race she’s fighting for survival. She deliberately takes out two cars armed to the teeth since the drivers were trying to kill her. She then proceeds to take the remaining gas from one of the cars before moving on. To the victor go the spoils. But how much longer can she survive when most of humanity has been wiped out?

    Freeway Fighter #1
    I never read the Freeway Fighter novel back in the day but when I read the synopsis and saw some of the preview pages I knew I had to give it a shot. There is no shortage of dystopian stories set in the future but when done right can be wildly entertaining. Freeway Fighter #1 definitely has that potential. Like the cars De La Rosa drives, this issue is a relatively fast read because of the way it’s laid out. But the simplicity in this issue is actually brilliant.


    The only backstory given about De La Rosa was the fact her father was a legendary driver and how talented she was as a driver. There was obviously pressure on her to win. The way this issue transitions from the race at the deciding moment to her current situation was wonderful. Simon Coleby’s artwork was perfect for this scene. However, De La Rosa’s inner monologue, her actions and subsequent conversation with her car gave a lot of insight into her current mentality. And I’m intrigued.

    Freeway Fighter #1
    This issue doesn’t reveal much about the world these events are set. Other than the mention of a virus that wiped out humanity, nothing else is given about the societal decay. Clearly packs have been formed based on De La Rosa’s encounter but there’s no hint that she belongs to one. Yet the rawness of the environment and De La Rosa searching for food scraps in long abandoned stores spoke volumes about the world. But just when I was ready for more the issue ended abruptly. At least it left me wanting more.




    Freeway Fighter #1 is an exciting start to the series and just gives enough to be intriguing. De La Rosa has potential as a character and I’m looking forward to learning more about her. This issue is beautifully drawn and suitable for a dystopian future. Not much is given about the current world other than the need to survive. But I’m hopeful next issue will get into more of that.


    Release Date: 5/17/17
    Writer: Andi Ewington
    Artist: Simon Coleby
  • Rating ( 8 )
  • Total score 8.0

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