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Faith #2
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Faith #2


  • The good

    Faith is still a highly entertaining character. The mystery behind the disappearance of the psiots becomes more intriguing

  • The bad

    For a while the focus on Torque took away from the character development at this early stage

  • The ugly

  • Faith #2 continues with Faith investigating the disappearance of psiots while also attempting to recruit more help in getting to the bottom of it. She didn’t expect to be attacked by someone willing to give his life by blowing up the house they were in and she feels guilty about the damage caused to adjacent homes. She remembers how being a superhero in the real world is different from what she imagined growing up and how easy it seemed. Even though she feels this way no one blames her for this tragedy and everyone is thankful that she was able to rescue as many people as she did. But this just drives her to ramp up her investigation so another tragedy like this doesn’t happen, and the first person who contacts her is @x, the one who sent her to that location. They’re not sure why psiots are disappearing and wonder if it’s Project Rising Spirit but Faith remembers the assailant saying he was doing this for a cause.


    Meanwhile, the two psiots who tried to escape are returned to their cells inside an elaborate facility and Faith returns to her day job as a writer for Zipline. Her boss, upset with Faith falling asleep at a staff meeting, assigns Faith to watch hours of Torque’s reality show and write a post about it but Faith can’t reveal that Torque is actually her ex-boyfriend. How can Faith juggle her life as a writer while investigating the real threat of disappearing psiots? Or will she receive the help she needs to dig deeper into this new threat?

    Faith #2
    The first issue was highly entertaining as well as surprising in the way it blended Faith’s personality with an ominous situation affecting unknown psiots. Faith’s musings throughout the course of the issue varying from her job to her social life were an enjoyable touch with her one-of-a-kind personality and the dark tone at the conclusion of it didn’t feel out-of-place. It’s a tremendous credit to Jody Houser for being able to pull that off with her writing. So the transition from that conclusion to the start of this issue with Faith contemplating her dreams of being a superhero when she was young to the reality of her situation now was a perfect continuation of that remarkable storytelling.


    Some of this issue would focus on Faith’s dealings and daydreams about her interactions with Torque. Considering how so much was done in the first issue and issue #0 to make her feel like her own character and cast Torque as her ex this sequence seemed to do almost the opposite. The daydreaming implied that more than the actual interaction with Torque. I understand that there’s a delicate balance between Faith’s personal life, which consisted of her watching Torque’s reality show as part of her job, and the current story arc involving the disappearance of psiots. However, it seemed too much was devoted to Torque and his current girlfriend. I did enjoy the message from the comparison of Faith’s life and goals to the relatively superficial trappings Torque has surrounded himself with in his quest to be famous.

    Faith #2

    The investigation of the missing psiots this issue made that story line more engrossing. There wasn’t much action this issue, and I would’ve liked to see Faith’s capabilities a bit more. However, it was good to see her visiting families and following up on leads, and more than any other point in this series I actually liked her role as a reporter during this sequence. And since this issue would delve deeper into the captive psiots current situation as well as the organization behind it all I really can’t wait to see more of this. And considering last issue ended with a bang, this issue ended on an even more shocking note and I loved it. Now I’m anxiously awaiting the next issue.




    Faith #2 is another entertaining issue confirming once again Faith’s strong appeal as a standalone character due to the combination of Jody Houser’s excellent writing and Francis Portela’s artwork. Faith’s character development is enjoyable, although I wish this issue didn’t focus as much on Torque in the manner that it does. The mystery behind the missing psiots becomes deeper and I really like how the developments have been bold increasing the potential in this series. Faith isn’t the typical superhero and I’m enjoying how this series is capitalizing on that.


    Release Date: 2/24/15
    Writer: Jody Houser
    Artist: Francis Portela, Marguerite Sauvage

  • Rating ( 8 )
  • Total score 8.0

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