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Divinity III Komandar Bloodshot #1
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Divinity III Komandar Bloodshot #1


  • The good

    Pretty cool to see this version of Bloodshot in action

  • The bad

    The action lacks any true battles taking away from some of the immersion

  • The ugly

  • Divinity III Komandar Bloodshot #1 is a one shot issue that has Bloodshot infiltrating deep into rebel territory in North America. It opens up with Bloodshot receiving orders in his base in Siberia to eliminate all targets at his mission location. It’s not long after his landing in Colorado that he’s ambushed by Festival and Magic. However, their plan isn’t to attempt to take him down but to draw him into a trap. His first adversary is a low-budget Bloodshot who doesn’t have near the capabilities. And as expected, the real Bloodshot makes quick work of him. The resistance is made up of those who play a major role in Bloodshot’s life, good or bad, in the regular timeline. But in this alternate timeline with Russia dominating the entire planet, they’re united in their fight against Russia. How can they hope to defeat Bloodshot with regular fighters? Or do they have additional allies they can use to take him down?

    Divinity III Komandar Bloodshot #1
    The thing about alternate timelines is that it can come off gimmicky if it’s not engrossing. Other times it can be completely forgettable with the only hope being the knowledge that the event will end soon. Divinity III got off to a really good start so I was looking forward to this one-shot issue. Thankfully it was engrossing at times, and was definitely not forgettable. However, that was mainly due to how cool Bloodshot looked and the gorgeous artwork by Clayton Crain.


    The story was enjoyable, and I appreciated the way Bloodshot’s mission was laid out clearly. I thought of the potential resistance in North America and the entertaining battle that could take place. It was interesting to see Agent Festival and Magic working with Kozol considering he’s an enemy in the regular timeline. And I was intrigued by this trap they wanted to lure Bloodshot into since they knew what he was capable of. This sequence was seriously entertaining.

    Divinity III Komandar Bloodshot #1
    It wasn’t surprising that Livewire would make an appearance this issue because of her abilities. This is where the issue became mixed for me. The fight with Liveware was good but Bloodshot felt so overpowered at this point that it just became about watching him dispatch enemy after enemy effortlessly. It was almost as if he was Divinity. I won’t give away the rest of the issue, and it was interesting what couldn’t be touched or altered even in the alternate timeline. And I can’t wait to see how that factors into the rest of the Divinity III world.




    Divinity III Komandar Bloodshot #1 is a visually impressive issue that fits Bloodshot wonderfully. The way he cuts through the rebels is memorable due to the artwork, and the portrayal of his abilities was fascinating. The story is enjoyable for the most part. However, the intensity is lacking at times during the battles due to Bloodshot not even breaking a sweat (if he could). I do like the ending and how there are some things that even Divinity can’t change.


    Release Date: 12/28/16
    Writer:Jeff Lemire
    Artist: Clayton Crain
  • Rating ( 8 )
  • Total score 8.0

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