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American Gods: Shadows #3
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American Gods: Shadows #3


  • The good

    Deepening mythos including the origin of certain gods in America

  • The bad

    Slow progress for Shadow and Wednesday

  • The ugly

  • American Gods: Shadows #3 continues with Shadow Moon getting deeper into Mr. Wednesday’s mysterious world. It opens up with Shadow telling Mister Wednesday about his encounter with TechnoBoy.  Wednesday asks him how much more time he’ll need to remain in town and Shadow tells him about a week longer to wrap up Laura’s affairs. Wednesday knows trouble is brewing and states ominously that they don’t have a clue.


    Tired from the whirlwind of events that transformed his life, Shadow drifts off to sleep and has another bizarre dream. In this one he’s walking around a room with various statues of gods. Some of them have names next to them but a voice directs him to others whose names have been forgotten. And there seem to be countless forgotten gods. But when Shadow wakes from his dream in a panic things only become more bizarre when he sees his dead wife standing in front of him? Is she really back or is this all due to his mind finally breaking?

    American Gods: Shadows #3
    The first 2 issues were great in the way they captured the whirlwind that consumed Shadow’s life so quickly while still remaining intriguing. This issue dives deeper into the mythos rewarding the reader for patience. And the unveiling of this fantastical world being tied to Shadow receiving some form of closure with his wife was an excellent touch. After Shadow’s extraordinary visions of these gods, seeing his dead wife in his motel room was the least strangest thing. It added some humanity in the midst of these games of the gods.


    The story would shift to 813 A.D. with the story of some warriors reaching the shores of America. It was an entertaining story for many reasons. It wasn’t just a story of invaders discovering a new land and subjugating the natives. I was engrossed in the way it unfolded from the initial interactions to the response. It was a peak into the start of certain gods in America. And the overall picture became clearer.

    American Gods: Shadows #3
    The final part of this issue introduced new characters connected to Wednesday. The banter was enjoyable with more hints about Wednesday’s true identity given. One problem I had with this sequence was the pace at which Shadow and Wednesday’s journey seems to be moving. And that’s relatively slow. Thankfully the characters were enjoyable overall and the mythos kept deepening.




    American Gods: Shadows #3 successfully expands the mythos in the series through past and current events. Shadow’s visions of different gods as well as his wife’s temporary return creates a more engrossing situation. And the origin of certain gods being revealed sheds light on how they acquire their power. Even though the banter is entertaining I do hope Wednesday and Shadow’s story line speeds up a bit. But I am enjoying the ride.


    Release Date: 5/17/17
    Writer: Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russell
    Artist: Scott Hampton, P. Craig Russell, Walt Simonson
  • Rating ( 9.5 )
  • Total score 9.5

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