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American Gods: Shadows #2
Kareem Ali 4.5

American Gods: Shadows #2


  • The good

    Character development is still strong this issue. Intriguing new characters.

  • The bad

    Bar scene went on a little too long

  • The ugly

  • American Gods: Shadows #2 continues with Shadow agreeing to work for Mr. Wednesday while still struggling with his recent loss. It opens up with Shadow telling Mr. Wednesday that he plans to work at the Muscle Farm for Robbie Burton. However, Mr. Wednesday gives Shadow the newspaper and tells him that Muscle Farm is finished because of Robbie’s death. Reading the article about his wife and best friend’s deaths was surreal to Shadow but the first time he saw details about the accident.


    So Shadow makes a deal with Mr. Wednesday after losing a coin toss and meeting one of Mr. Wednesday’s friends. He tells Mr. Wednesday what he wants as a weekly rate, and that he’ll only hurt people if they’re threatening Mr. Wednesday and not for fun or profit. And more importantly, he wants to be able to attend his wife’s funeral. Mr. Wednesday agrees but can Shadow really trust him?

    American Gods: Shadows #2
    The first issue was excellent in terms of character development and story building. I was engrossed in Shadow’s story and intrigued by what was to come. I wasn’t as impressed with the initial meeting with Mr. Wednesday. This issue deals extensively with the interactions between the two characters and thankfully it’s more entertaining. The story progresses fluidly, and even though it’s not as bold as it was in the first issue, there’s another glimpse of what’s beneath the surface in this series.


    At times, restaurant/bar scenes can be cliché because the same events tend to unfold. However it worked here because aside from the deal between Mr. Wednesday and Shadow, Mad Sweeney’s introduction added another layer to events. There would be the typical bar fight scene showing what Shadow was capable of but Sweeney’s “coin tricks” felt more like a secret power than just a display. And the sharp writing suggests all of this would play a role down the line.


    I appreciated the way this issue dealt with Shadow still coming to terms about his wife’s death while still moving the story forward. From the little things such as his experience reading the article to attending the funeral and hearing more about what occurred from Audrey, Robbie Burton’s wife. It was clear that this was a man whose life was in such an upheaval that he would accept this deal from a stranger.

    American Gods: Shadows #2
    Things became even more interesting when Shadow met Technical Boy. Again, it wasn’t as stunning a peek behind the scenes as the conclusion to the first issue but almost as informative. Mr. Wednesday’s context was given clarification or rather Technical Boy’s opposition to Mr. Wednesday. And unlike the beginning of this issue, Shadow’s predicament took a personally dangerous turn. That leads me to believe things are just starting to get exciting.




    American Gods: Shadows #2 is a solid follow-up to the first issue deepening Shadows journey into Mr. Wednesday’s mysterious world. Shadow’s choices are very believable considering the way this issue conveys his current ordeal. Thankfully the interaction between Shadow and Mr. Wednesday is more entertaining this issue than last. Technical Boy is an intriguing character and reveals some of what’s at stake for Mr. Wednesday. There’s definitely more action than the first issue. And now I can’t wait to see what unfolds next.


    Release Date: 4/12/17
    Writer: Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russell
    Artist: Scott Hampton, P. Craig Russell
  • Rating ( 9 )
  • Total score 9.0

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