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American Gods #4


  • The good

    Entertaining sequences. Adds character depth in intriguing ways

  • The bad

    Little light shed on Wednesday's overall plan

  • The ugly

  • American Gods #4 has Shadow and Mr. Wednesday recruiting Czernobog to their cause. This issue continues with Shadow and Czernobog continuing their game of checkers. After taking the first of Shadow’s pieces, Czernobog confidently declares the game has been won. Czernobog asks if Shadow would like to wager on the game with some unusual terms. Czernobog states that if Shadow wins then he’ll go with Shadow and Mr. Wednesday but if he wins he gets to knock Shadow’s brains out with the sledgehammer. Shadow agrees to the terms despite Mr. Wednesday’s objections, and the game continues.


    Even when he loses the game, Shadow doesn’t lose his cool. He says to Czernobog that there’s still time before dinner and challenges him to another game. He gets Czernobog to accept by mentioning the fact it’s been a long time since Czernobog swung his sledgehammer. If Czernobog wins he gets to take more than one shot at Shadow. So the game begins again. But has Shadow bitten off more than he can chew or is he capable of more than even Mr. Wednesday knows?

    American Gods #4
    The opening sequence of Shadow versus Czernobog was entertaining for a number of reasons. The suspense considering what was at stake, the banter, and Shadow’s masterful handling of Czernobog. I was on the edge of my seat after the first wager knowing this sequence was more than just passing the time. Czernobog’s banter/taunting of Shadow made me feel even more invested in the result. And it was really good seeing Shadow take the initiative effectively showing that even though he was new to this world, he still had potential to be more than just a pawn. That added another level of excitement to the match.


    Shadow’s character has a high likability factor so it’s easy to root for him because he comes off as genuine. In comparison, Wednesday is very charming as demonstrated by his interactions with the sisters. However, his words and actions reek of ulterior motives and he comes off as one willing to use whoever to achieve his goals. So when Shadow is visited by Zorya in the middle of the night, the hope is he gains a true ally. I won’t give anything away but the interaction was as magical as the feat she accomplished. Also, it clarified earlier events involving Shadow.

    American Gods #4
    The final part of this issue consisted of a seemingly unconnected story involving someone named Essie Tregowan. This series has a way of switching stories but it’s still a riveting digression. That’s because it ultimately expands the world of American Gods in an engrossing way. It takes an intensely personal story and connects it to the overall mythos.  The way a part of American history was tied into the arrival of a new, yet familiar, god/character was fascinating. It shed light on that god’s origin story. And as a result, adds another intriguing wrinkle to the current story.




    American Gods #4 is a riveting issue that gives much-needed depth to various characters. The checkers match between Shadow and Czernobog set the stage for the entire issue as much as the next chain of events with Wednesday. Shadow continues to impress me from the way he handled Czernobog as well as his interactions with Zorya. And Essie’s story is a wonderful example of how this series has intertwined American history with the mythos of various gods. I don’t know Wednesday’s overall plan but the character dynamics guarantee it’ll all unfold in an entertaining way. I can’t wait for more.


    Release Date: 6/14/17
    Writer: Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russell
    Artist: Scott Hampton, P. Craig Russell, Colleen Doran


  • Rating ( 9.6 )
  • Total score 9.6

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