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Predator: Fire And Stone #1 Preview

Predator: Fire And Stone #1 Preview


With the Fire and Stone storyline gaining steam and critical acclaim, Predator: Fire And Stone #1 looks to take things to the next level. It takes place after Prometheus: Fire and Stone and has the remaining team members of the Perses dealing with a stowaway who just happens to be a Predator. At this point the crew just wants to get back home, and with something to show for the trip. What they aren’t aware when chasing the Predator is that it has its sights set on an even deadlier target.

I’ve been enjoying the Fire and Stone series so far and the fact that the entire series doesn’t follow the standard chronological order but instead has each title take place at different points keeps it feeling fresh and suspenseful. And with Joshua Williamson onboard as the writer and Chris Mooneyham providing the artwork, this should be another enjoyable title in the series. Check out the excellent reviews of the 2 issues released so far. Predator: Fire And Stone #1 is set to be released October 22nd.


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