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The Mystical City of Solace


Since I’ve recently review Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North there has been an update that adds a new city called the Mystical City of Solace. This will be the fifth city you can have in your kingdom and it has a lot of exclusive aspects that makes this city a must have:

  • New Hospital building allows you to heal wounded troops
  • Buildings in this city add Might to your kingdom
  • 2 new exclusive knights and powerful gear sets to unlock
  • Shorter surveying times and increased precious stones drop rate
  • Faster loading times

I’m really glad about the faster loading times and shorter surveying times and kudos to Kabam for adjusting that. But this Mystical City of Solace sounds great and I’m looking forward to having access to it.  It appears in the window you select your cities but it just says coming soon for now and you can’t select it.

March is also Player Appreciation Month and there are 6 events going on at the moment with some great prizes that you can acquire by turning in the Player Appreciation Badges you collect. You can either exchange them for a Squire’s Hourglass, 1000 Imperial Guardians, Merlin’s Magical Tokens, or Lunete’s Tokens. And if you log in everyday this month you’ll receive an Arthur’s Epic Spoils chest. And you can also exchange small flawed sapphires you collect from surveying for a Wondrous Treasure Chest. With so many options Kabam is really showing some appreciation.


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