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Moebius Trailer


Moebius is an upcoming adventure game developed by Pinkerton Road, the studio of the legendary Jane Jensen. It features Malachi Rector, a genius with an ability to size up people and objects instantly, and even though it has helped him become incredibly rich because this allows him to tell a genuine article from a fake one, it gets him in trouble from time to time as you can imagine those who are exposed aren’t happy about it. But it is an extremely useful talent in the view of a secret government agency called F.I.S.T. (Future Intelligence Science & Technology) as he’s enlisted to help with an unusual project that requires him to look into the life of a dead woman. This will lead him all over the world as he seeks to uncover the truth of her life and death but it gets much deeper than that as there are attempts on his life. And he discovers there’s more to his abilities than he ever knew and that there’s also more to the traumatic event he witnessed as a child, which shaped the man he became. Can Malachi survive all that he’ll have to face and fulfill his destiny?

Moebius is one of the games I’m definitely looking forward to, and even though that has a lot to do with the fact that it’s a Jane Jensen game, it’s because it looks great and the story line is very intriguing. I’m sure the story, game play and potential twists will be very rewarding. And after reading the prologue comic, which shows Malachi being analyzed as a genius but also raising a red flag as a kid because of those same mysterious results. Moebius is set to be released in early 2014 but in the meanwhile check out the trailer below


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