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Metal Gear Solid V is an action stealth game developed by Kojima Productions and set in the 1980s in Afghanistan. In what is easily one of the top games I’m looking forward to, this latest entry takes place after the events of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. The premise here is Snake infiltrates an American black site in order to extract some prisoners who are valuable to the  Militaires Sans Frontieres and as this amazing trailer shows not everything ends well. Even though Snake is able to presumably extract who he needed to it sets off a series of events that results in the destruction of the MSF base and Snake is left in a coma for 9 years! Of course the awakening party is one that would be expected for one of Snake’s, um, skill set, as those responsible for him being in the coma want to finish the job. After all the destruction, torturing and death that has occurred Snake sets out to form a new mercenary group to seek revenge against those responsible for the destruction of the MSF. This leads him to Afghanistan during the Soviet war and he encounters soldiers who have been robbed of their pasts and no hope for a future to round out his new group. Although Snake is initially driven by revenge he uncovers a plot that’s even worse than he could have expected.


This Director’s Cut trailer is one of my favorite trailers so far this year and it captures the tone (and gameplay) of Metal Gear Solid V perfectly. As one would expect from a Metal Gear game as it pulls no punches in portraying the brutality and depravity of the torture in this game as well as what’s at stake. That’s not all that has me excited. As demonstrated, Metal Gear Solid V is an open world game (and parts of it look very similar to Red Dead Redemption when Snake is on a horse.) But that’s not the only mode of transportation in the game as you can commandeer any vehicle you deem fit. The graphics look great and are powered by the Fox Engine. However the open world isn’t just for traveling purposes as Ocelot tells Snake “as you plan your next move. How and where you make it, well that’s up to you.” So there is definitely freedom in this game to choose where you want to go and how you want to achieve your objective. And as demonstrated in the game play video there’s real-time weather and passage of time. So that adds interesting game play elements and choices to the missions you will carry out. How will the weather affect your cover or do you want until night-time before attempting another. And yes stealth is an important part of the game play or “tactical espionage” as it’s referred to here.


The story line has the potential to be very gripping and the open-world game play gives a lot of exciting options in choosing and completing missions. With the stunning graphics to top it off Metal Gear Solid V is a game I’ll definitely be getting the day it’s released.

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