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Ivar, Timewalker #1 Preview


While perusing the upcoming titles for 2015 one caught my eye, Ivar, Timewalker #1, and it instantly shot up my list of anticipated titles after reading the 8 page preview. It’s written by Fred Van Lente and part of the Valiant NEXT ongoing series and is set for release January 21st, 2015. It features Ivar, the time traveler described as “history’s most jaded, most tempestuous time traveler,” but he’s more than helpful when he shows up at Neela Sethi’s lab right before she triggers her experiment discovering time travel. It’s for her own safety because triggering this experiment will cause hunters from various time periods to come knocking at her door. But can he help her, and what if she doesn’t believe him?


The artwork by Clayton Henry is wonderful, and the details in the 8 pages along with the brief action sequence makes me want to take my time and enjoy every panel. However, the way the story unfolds in this preview is what really has me excited, and the taste given of the characters shows great potential. Check out the 8 page preview below and the additional covers from Raul Allen, Jorge Molina, David Aja and Barry Kitson.


IVAR_001_COVER-A_ALLEN IVAR_001_001 IVAR_001_002 IVAR_001_003 IVAR_001_004 IVAR_001_005 IVAR_001_006 IVAR_001_007 IVAR_001_008_fix IVAR_001_COVER-B_MOLINA IVAR_001_VARIANT_DESIGN-AJA IVAR_001_VARIANT_KITSON

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