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Infinite Crisis will be free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game featuring all the iconic characters from the DC Universe. Even though the name is the same as the DC Comics storyline that ran from 2005-06 this game won’t follow that storyline and will instead focus on the mythos of the DC multiverse.  The premise is the multiverse is threaten with utter destruction and so it’s necessary for the DC superheroes and supervillians to team up to prevent that from happening. One of the obvious advantages of this storyline is that you’ll be able to use variations of your favorite characters as opposed to an unknown superhero you create. So if it’s Batman vs Batman it’ll still fit with the storyline because they’re from different universes. The official site shows Nightmare Batman and Gaslight Batman from their respective universes and they have completely different qualities.  There will also be iconic locations on the various maps the story takes place so you’ll be able to feel fully immersed in the DC Universe.

Infinite Crisis promises a streamlined RPG experience, which is basically another way of stating that you’ll be able to level up your character and certain abilities by gaining experience through battles. 6 character classes have been announced so far: assassin, bruiser, blaster, enforcer, marksman and support. If you’re unfamiliar with MOBAs you compete against other players and AI controlled characters in an arena and whoever survives wins. Think of an MMO that doesn’t have any quests and consists of solely PVP fighting. The arena will be interactive so you’ll be able to use objects in the environment to attack your opponents and most likely the interactivity will play a role in the strategy used to win battles. In some of the gameplay videos it’s shown that you’ll be able to trigger catastrophic events on the map to attack the opposing team. Turbine states that Infinite Crisis will be friendlier to those who are new to the genre than other MOBAs while also making the experience more enjoyable for veteran MOBA players. Customization of abilities and characters, the way points are rewarded during battle and the interactive environments are all changes Turbine promises.

If you’re a fan of DC Universe and also MOBAs then I’m sure this is a game you’ll want to keep on your radar. Even if you’re not a fan of comic books but enjoy MOBAs you miglht still want to keep an eye out for this because it just might have a huge impact on future MOBAs depending on how successful it is. I’m keeping this one on my radar because I am a huge comic book fan and aside from Marvel’s Avengers Alliance there isn’t a game I play consistently that allows you to use iconic comic book characters as a team. It’s set to be released for PC later this year but you can sign up for beta testing now or view the official trailer.

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