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Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle Earth Update 8.0


The Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle Earth Update 8.0 is now live, and consistent with the major updates in the past few months, a new game play aspect is being introduced and it’s Runecrafting. Runecrafting will give your kingdom various benefits through upgrades to select buildings you already have and give you access to a new tier of troops so you can increase your might. You can accomplish this once you build the newest building, a Keep, which will be available soon, according to the update. Here is the list of all upgrades for version 8.0:

  • Runecrafted Muster Fields – can send larger armies
  • Runecrafted Barracks – Train Tier 4 troops
  • Runecrafted City Walls – More spaces for Defensive Units
  • Runecrafted Vault – Protect more resources from invaders
  • Runecrafted Homes – Increase population limit
  • Runecrafted Resources – Increase food, wood, stone and ore production

If you’ve maxed out at level 9 on most of your buildings in at least one city, and you haven’t had any luck getting a hobbit building crew, then you’ve been managing by trying to decide which buildings to keep and destroy to make the city more productive. Now you’ll be able to increase the max production of your city with Runecrafting and can do so without sacrificing other buildings. And I’ve finally reached over a million might mainly through Defensive Units, although I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to stay there, so I’m very interested in seeing the new Tier 4 troops and how they will compare to the current troops. I may not be a fan of the extreme amount of microtransactions in the game but I am a fan of the substantial upgrades the past few months.

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