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Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth Troops Update


With the addition of so many troops, including tactical troops, it’s been somewhat of a choir to deduce all the stats based on battle results but now with the Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth Troops update all the necessary information is readily available. But before I get to that here’s a list of the other changes with the latest update:

  • Waiting period before joining another alliance after leaving one
  • Can donate Big Vala Stones to your alliance
  • Event Center leaders displays rewards according to varying levels of players
  • Alliance event scoring rule improvements

The simple changes to alliance rules are important especially considering alliances coordinate moving resources, troops, etc. and if one jumps ship to another alliance immediately they’ll have access to all that information before the former alliance can get a chance to prepare. And since crafting and upgrading gear is an integral (and fun) part of game play now it’s a no-brainer that the components needed would be available for use among the alliance.

Now, the tactical troops information can be found by selecting a barracks in any of your cities and then selecting the “Train Troops” tab. Tactical Troops is now listed in a separate category however they’re not currently trainable, which means they will be ultimately. And since the stats are laid out clearly it’s surprising how some of them are actually better than previously thought, and since stars are used it’s easier to compare them to currently trainable troops.


So here’s an updated chart for the tactical troops with Attack and Life stats being the number of stars:

Troop Type Attack Life Speed Load Might Upkeep
Lyncean Raiders
5 5 3600 0 100 0
Woodsmen 8 3 1400 10 100 0
Master Ranger 6 (x4) 4 1400 35 0 6
Pack Mammoth 1 6 700 55000 10 60
Stone Giant 1 8 800 3000 100 0

Strategically nothing has changed regarding the use of these tactical troops so Stone Giants, for example, are best used to absorb the counter attacks of enemy troops so they’re destroyed first while your Woodsmen are able to inflict massive damage on enemy troops. So now I can’t wait until it’s possible to train tactical troops directly.

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