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‘The Gaming Goddess’ Podcast – Season 4, Ep. 15: “Happy Wintersday to All!”

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POSTED BY: Jessica “Allahweh” Brown

This episode, recorded on December 21, 2013 is the final episode of the calendar year. In it, Aristeia and myself chat about the Wintersday celebration in Guild Wars 2, discuss how one can craft Ascended Armor in the game and what the benefits and drawbacks of it are, and we talk a little about some “alternative” Christmas gift ideas one might consider for geeks and gamers here at the last minute. And, we do all of this in a Skype chat, which allows you to see who is talking and provides a bit more of a personal atmosphere (which seems fitting for the Holidays)! I think this is a good format and one we will pursue in addition to others in Season 5 (like, instead of an image there might be a game in the background, etc).

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