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‘The Gaming Goddess’ Podcast – Season 4, Ep. 14: “Crashing into the Mighty Mississippi”

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In this special podcast experiment, recorded on December 19, 2013, I take to the skies with Google Earth Flight Simulator and try my hand at flying a small two-engine plane from the Jackson, MS area down the I-20 corridor over to Vicksburg, where we unceremoniously crash into the river bridge! X_X Meanwhile, during our flight, I talk about the success of the Holiday 2013 Extra Life fundraiser that I just did with the help of @StratXGaming and Aristeia and then discuss some of my own thoughts regarding the 3DS, “Zelda: A Link Between Worlds,” and some “alternative” Christmas gifts to consider for the gamer/geek in your life!

This flight sim video was done for two reasons. First, this is an experiment, as discussed in the podcast, for making the video version of the podcast a bit more meaningful starting in Season 5. I will try to get guests who are comfortable with it to join me on video chat to be included on the show and meanwhile will be playing some sort of game – hopefully something that doesn’t take a ton of concentration. This might be a flight sim, a sim of a different kind, an exploration game like CubeWorld, or something else. We just have to see how it turns out!

Oh, and the second reason was because I think it was a nice, relaxing evening flight. People say they find me and the podcast (and most of my other stuff) fun and relaxing, so this seemed to fit perfectly with that concept!

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